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14 Srebarna Str., floor 2, Sofia
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Ucha.se is a product company established in 2012 and is considered Bulgaria’s №1 educational platform, with all the school lessons in an interesting and understandable language.
With over 23 000 video lessons, tests and mind map revisions, Ucha.se’s website and app help all the students in grades 1. to 12. to be even more successful in school, have fun and more free time at disposal. Until now, the video lessons have been watched over 80 000 000 times by more than 1 000 000 registered students, teachers and parents.
In 2020 the team of Ucha.se created the educational platform eduboom - the international equivalent of Ucha.se. Eduboom.ro is being developed in Romania, eduboom.es in Spain, and eduboom.it in Italy, with all learning materials adapted to the curriculum and educational requirements of the respective country.
In order to keep on creating quality content and making the product even better, the company relies on a strong team of specialists - project managers, animators, video and audio editors, IT specialists, voiceover artists, scriptwriters, teachers, marketing specialists and many more
professionalists engaged in the process. It all began with a team of 2-3 members. Today, the team consists of more than 300 people, most of whom are situated in Ucha.se’s offices in Sofia and Varna, and soon in Ruse! Ucha.se believes that the strong and motivated team of professionalists is the key to success and does not stop investing in its employees. The company attracts and retains its people not only because of its strong mission, but also with its culture, built on shared values and a common vision, with opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as stimulating employee benefits for every year spent in the company. All this led to Ucha.se being recognised as
the Best employer in the field of education by the 2021 Career show awards.
What makes working at Ucha.se special:

  • You become a leading part in the cause of making education better
  • You solve real problems and quickly see the results of your efforts
  • You play an important role in a strong team that helps you grow
    If you are looking for a new challenge and in need of an inspiring job, take a look at the open positions
    at Ucha.se. The team is growing constantly and so are the opportunities for career development.

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