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Ucha.se is Bulgaria’s largest and most-awarded educational website where you can find over 16 800 video lessons and tests covering the entire school curriculum from grade 1 to 12. Our content also includes courses on the main European foreign languages and sheds light on important topics such as entrepreneurship and financial knowledge, among others. All materials are tailored to the requirements of the Bulgarian Educational system of the Ministry of Education.

Ucha.se was established in 2012 with the mission to make Bulgaria’s students happier, more confident and successful. So far Ucha.se’s video lessons have been watched over 78 100 000 times by more than 960 000 registered users – students, teachers and parents from Bulgaria and across the world.

All this has been made possible thanks to the amazing team of over 250 professionals – teachers, screenwriters, sound engineers, animators, IT specialists, designers and many others, located in Ucha.se’s offices in Sofia and Varna.

Why working at Ucha.se is special:

• You become an essential part of our cause to make Bulgaria a better place for living, working, innovating.
• You tackle real-life problems and see your efforts’ results promptly.
• You gain a leading spot in a great team that helps you evolve as a person and a professional.

If you are looking for a new endeavour and in need of an inspiring workplace, check out Ucha.se’s careers page. Our team is growing rapidly and thus, opportunities for success are getting bigger and better!

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