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Responsible employer

Vivacom is the first telecom on the Bulgarian market to join the United Group, the leading telecommunications and media provider in South-East Europe. The company offers a wide range of solutions in the sphere of telecommunications to both private and corporate clients. These include mobile and fixed voice telephony, high-speed fiberoptic Internet and next generation interactive and satellite television.

A Socially Responsible Company

Over the years, Vivacom has established itself as a socially responsible company that invests in social development and future generations. We have supported a number of initiatives and developed projects of our own in the spheres of education, culture and sports. Our company continues to pursue its long-term strategy by being an entity and indeed an employer characterised by corporate responsibility. Education, digitising instruction and fostering the knowledge and skills of young people to meet the needs of our contemporary reality and labour market have remained our main focus.

Development and Engagement among our Employees

Vivacom is one of the biggest employers in Bulgaria. Technology is among the most rapidly developing spheres and this is why it is important to maintain a balance between employees with many years of experience and those who are only starting their professional journey and hence have new ideas and approaches to contribute to our work. Our belief that education is at the root of progress is reflected in our in-house policies designed to provide incentives to our employees and keep them in our company. We continuously invest both in the professional qualifications of our staff and in the development of their personal skills. By offering our employees a range of benefits, development schemes, training opportunities and other initiatives, we have successfully defended our position as a well-established employer of choice. Over the years, our company has received numerous awards. This year, Vivacom was awarded the Employer Branding Project distinction at the annual Employer Branding Awards 2020 for its project entitled Summer Internship Programme.

Goals and Achievements

We have been successful in establishing a corporate culture that puts emphasis on our clients. In 2020 we also launched Bulgaria’s first 5G network accessible to clients.

Vivacom is both a company with established traditions and a forerunner of tomorrow, a socially responsible business and an important actor that fosters the development of its sector by drawing on its best practices, domain experience and skills. Our company’s strategy that aims at Vivacom becoming a next-generation digital telecom has proven successful.