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Другите за нас

Milena Karailieva - "Kaufland Bulgaria"

"For the third consecutive year Kaufland actively supports the cause launched by Bulgaria Wants You. Our doors are open to talented Bulgarians abroad who want to make it in Bulgaria. There is nothing more convincing and powerful than the personal example proven in practice in the experience of people from our team who have found their place among the variety of opportunities for development offered by Kaufland."

Milena Karailieva - "Kaufland Bulgaria", "Human Resources" Director
Biserka Yaneva - "Asarel-Medet" AD

"The videos are made very professionally and reach people all over the world, which makes us more confident because this is the face of Bulgaria to the world."

Biserka Yaneva - "Asarel-Medet" AD, Human Resources Director
Galina Petrova - Coca-Cola HBC

"The beautiful videos you make are very inspiring and the business cards we shot with you made a lot of people touch our employees' story!"

Galina Petrova - Coca-Cola HBC, Employer Branding
Zhivko Todorov

It is an honor and a privilege for me Stara Zagora to be among the first municipalities, partners of the platform and I am proud of the readiness of the employers' organizations in the district to join this much-needed initiative.

Zhivko Todorov, Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality
Yoana Atanasova - Modis Bulgaria

"We are very pleased with the video content and its high quality. We have also received feedback from candidates at Modis and from people who are already working with us."

Yoana Atanasova - Modis Bulgaria, Employer Branding Lead
Boyko Takov  PhD

One of the priorities in the activity of the Agency is to support and encourage the Bulgarian business, as well as to support national causes. BSMEPA expresses its support for the initiative, as well as interest in the demographic problem of modern Bulgaria.

Boyko Takov PhD, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises
Desislava Tabakova - Milestone Systems

"The message these videos sent out to the public is very clear. It shows how Bulgaria really has an opportunity for a person who is really determined and believes in his own knowledge and abilities. Such a person can succeed!"

Desislava Tabakova - Milestone Systems, Site Operations Manager
Maria Kirova - Liebherr

"Our video content does an excellent job!"

Maria Kirova - Liebherr, Recruitment Specialist