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Навиците на успеха

Навиците на успеха - еп. 7 - Невен Дилков
Невен Дилков е предприемач, за когото авантюрите се начин на живот. Той кара каяк по Околовръстния път на София и рискува живота си в най дълбоката пещера в света.
Навиците на успеха - еп. 6 - Вера Тинкова
Вера Тинкова е амбициозна дама, която търси удоволствието в нещата, с които се захваща. Тя определя себе си като вечно търсеща промяната, а нейните навици ѝ помагат да се концентрира върху важните неща.
Навиците на успеха - еп. 5 - Силвия Павлова
Как се изграждат бизнес отношения с 36 държави? Отговорът ще научите от рубриката "Навиците на Успеха", в която Силвия Павлова ще разкаже за своята компания за био козметика.
Навиците на успеха - еп. 4 - Боряна Узунова
Боряна Узунова завършва хонконгския университет за наука и технологии и вече има в портфолието си няколко успешни бизнеспроекти в сферата на устоичивата мода и екологията, както в Азия, така и в Европа.
Навиците на успеха - еп. 3 - Александър Ковачев
Александър Ковачев е успешен интериорен дизайнер и носител на десетки награди. Научете неговата рецепта за успех:
Навиците на успеха - еп. 2 - Васил Терзиев
Наш гост беше и Васил Терзиев, който разказа как се създава компания за милиони.
Навиците на успеха - еп. 1 - Стефан Григоров
Първият гост е Стефан Григоров - ИТ предприемач, участник във Фермата 7 и част от лекторите на нашите събития.

Success stories

The Story of Anthony Christov
Watch the story of Anthony Christov on the way to Hollywood and back. For 18 years he has been the art director of some of the most successful film studios overseas.
The Story of Sandra Aleksieva
What does success mean? Watch the story of Sandra Aleksieva - owner of one of the largest culinary websites in Bulgaria, for whom success is a lifestyle.
The Story of Anton Nastev
Watch the story of Anton Nastev, whose passion for bicycles takes him from the racetracks to the creation of his own production of bicycle frames with a capacity of over 250 thousand units per year.
The Story of Viktor Ermenkov
Watch the story of Viktor Ermenkov - a programmer who develops his own business for digitalization of processes in the logistics sector.
The story of Evgeni Borisov
Watch Evgeni's personal story of a successful business, started in a small office and with only two people, but developed and won its place on the map among international companies.
The story of Yavor Nikolov
See the story of Yavor about the conscious choice to return to Bulgaria after 15 years abroad and the professional challenges he faces here.
The story of Keith Kelly
Get acquainted with the emotional story of Keith Kelly - an Irishman or as he calls himself "adopted Englishman", who teaches English to children in the city under the hills.
The Story of Svetlana Savova
Watch the story of Svetlana Savova, who is part of a Bulgarian team that created and developed innovative classrooms. They started as a startup a few years ago and are now used all over the world.
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Stara Zagora (“Industrial Zone Zagore”)
The main goal of “Industrial Zone Zagore” is to build a professional community of specialists in various fields, thus opening new jobs. Find out what else will contribute to the development of the municipality of Stara Zagora.
Stara Zagora (infrastructure)
Stara Zagora is developing rapidly and infrastructure and public space renovation projects only prove this. They make the city an even better place to live - for you, for your family and for your friends.
The town has been the cradle of Bulgarian industry since the Liberation and it has been undergoing continuous modernization of local infrastructure creating conditions for growth, investment and job creation.
Plovdiv (technological destination)
Plovdiv in the second largest IT and outsourcing center in Bulgaria. This is the fastest growing share of the local economy. The city offers a well-developed environment for startups and opportunities for the development of RND centers.
Plovdiv (investment destination)
Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria inhabited by over 535 000 citizens. It is one of the oldest living cities in Europe, dating back to 4000 years B.C.
Burgas is the most important cultural, economic, transport, management, tourist and educational center in Southeast Bulgaria.
Plovdiv (expats)
For 2019, Plovdiv has 7 500 new citizens. The city is home to 18 000 expats and 3 300 foreign students. This video will introduce you to some of them.
Plovdiv (education)
Plovdiv is a developed academic center with 9 universities and 34 000 students. It is the only Bulgarian city in the global network of UNESCO learning cities and is a leader in the digitalization of the learning process.
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Plovdiv Plaza Mall - Graduates
Plovdiv Plaza Mall is launching an initiative that supports high school graduates who want to develop.
M + S Hydraulic
M + S Hydraulic with almost 60 years of history has established itself as a market leader in hydraulic motors and a leading manufacturer of hydrostatic power steering, valves, brakes and accessories for them.
Hydraulic elements and systems
Hydraulic elements and systems offer a wide range of products for high-power machines and equipment with an international quality certificate.
Elhim-Iskra, with nearly 60 years of history, is a leader in the production of rechargeable batteries - part of "Stara Planina Hold".
Uni Hospital
At Uni Hospital, they are led by the idea of offering "Everything for health under one roof". That is why they create a high-tech hospital and gather a team of highly qualified professionals to meet the highest health requirements.
Goldair Handling Bulgaria
Golder Handling Bulgaria provide full ground service for more than 50 passenger airlines in Sofia, Varna and Burgas. Flight document processing; highly qualified Check In agents; transportation of passengers and crew; full care of the aircraft, as well as handling, sorting and loading and unloading of luggage are just some of the ground services we provide. In one year Golder Handling Bulgaria serves over 14,000 flights and more than 4 million passengers with a staff of about 650 people.
Sanmina is the global leader in creating electronic components for the world's most innovative companies! You may not have heard of them. But you've certainly met them - when you're talking on your cell phone, when you're using the elevator, driving your car, or withdrawing money from an ATM. When you surf the Internet, you fly a plane and even when you have a medical examination.
UniCredit Bulbank
UniCredit Bulbank is one of the leading banks in Bulgaria. Its focus continues to be the company's commitment to support the development and well-being of employees and to provide an innovative, inclusive and rewarding work environment in which everyone feels engaged and active.
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Employee Experience

Miroslava Manavski, Coca-Cola HBC
Miroslava Manavski works at Coca-Cola HBC. Her position is configuration leader. She creats a database for Coca-Cola HBC, which includes absolutely all the company's assets.
The Hamude family, Uni Hospital
These are Marina and Salim, the Hamude family. They live and work in Panagyurishte as doctors. They have been together for 14 years. Uni Hospital gives them the opportunity to develop professionally in Bulgaria and not only in Bulgaria but also outside the major regional centers.
Stanislav Iliev, Coca-Cola HBC
Stanislav Iliev is 32 years old. In 2011 based on results and proactivity, they offer him the position he currently holds - regional director. Responsible for a team of 90 people and the overall market performance in an area of 11 thousand customers.
Vyara Dineva, Coca-Cola HBC
Vyara Dineva is 25 years old and is part of the Coca-Cola HBS family, in particular the Bankya Production Center, where she is a production manager. She and her team take care of the daily production of Bankya mineral water, which will reach the home of their consumers.
Stefan Petkov, UniCredit Bulbank
Stefan started his career as a project manager at UniCredit, and today he heads a whole team. The bank is helping his career development by sending him to work on a project in Vienna. Today he wants to motivate more people to return to Bulgaria to contribute to its development.
Katya Zoykova
Katya was only 24 years old when she started her career at UniCredit Bulbank. The company offers her a number of opportunities for training and development. She decided to apply the experience gained abroad in Bulgaria.
Alexander Litov, IBM
Alexander Litov has lived outside Bulgaria for 8 years, in different parts of the world. He decided to look for a more stable career and has been part of the IBM team for four years now, where he holds the position of customer service manager.
Christiana Nikolova
Christiana has been with IBM for seven years and is a vocation. She finds motivation in customer satisfaction, and in her free time her element is cooking.
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"Живот и кариера - Защо в България" - предстои в София
Ние, Bulgaria Wants You, ДНК – Движение за национална кауза и Economic.bg ще обединим усилия да реализираме целодневния форум София: Живот и кариера – защо в България? в две части: Национална дискусия "Демографията няма цена" (вход само с покани, ще се излъчва онлайн) сутринта и Кариерно изложение (вход свободен с предварителна регистрация) следобед на 9 юни 2022 г. в зала „Джон Атанасов“ на София Тех Парк. Ела да потърсим заедно твоите причини да останеш.
"Живот и кариера - Защо в България" - предстои в Бургас и Пловдив
България много, много те иска! Избрани моменти от Събитието "Живот и кариера - защо в България" със завладяващите лектори Димитър Караиванов Дарин Маджаров Георги Бърдаров Евгени Борисов Геновева Христова Светлин Наков Андрей Давчев Николай Василев
Video CV Tsvetan Svilenski
Watch the video CV of the first winner - Tsvetan Svilenski.
25 Years Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association
"Life and career - why in Bulgaria?"
The event will take place in Sofia Event Center, and there we will meet you with some of the most inspiring Bulgarians who will share their success stories and give valuable advice on how to realize yourself and be happy in your homeland.
Bulgaria Wants You - Кариера и живот в България
Намери причина да се върнеш или да останеш на www.bulgariawantsyou.com Нови възможности за бизнеса и теб.
Искаш ли професионално видео CV като това на мениджъра на Bulgaria Wants You?
С него ще увеличиш шанса си за получаване на така мечтаната работа. Качи свое видео по време на регистрация или редактирай профила си в сайта и можеш да спечелиш видео визитка също като тази на мениджъра на Bulgaria Wants You Моника Иванчовска.
RE: TURN - a series of events on the East Coast in the United States (2019)
The events in the USA of RE: TURN are organized by the Bulgarian Venture Capital Association (BVCA). Learn more about the initiative at https://return.bg/
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