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Success stories

The Story of Anthony Christov
Watch the story of Anthony Christov on the way to Hollywood and back. For 18 years he has been the art director of some of the most successful film studios overseas.
The Story of Anton Nastev
Watch the story of Anton Nastev, whose passion for bicycles takes him from the racetracks to the creation of his own production of bicycle frames with a capacity of over 250 thousand units per year.
The Story of Sergey Petrov
The loss of bees is one of the world's major environmental challenges, but Sergey Petrov has more than a successful solution to the problem.
The Story of Mihaela Savova
Mihaela Savova is the founder of the platform for leaders, which every month gives at least one reason for young Bulgarians to stay at home. For her, Bulgaria is the only place in the world where she can and wants to succeed.
The Story of Desislava Nikolova
Watch the story of Desislava Nikolova, who returns from China to create her electric scooters here, in Bulgaria.
The Story of Ivan Shumkov
Assoc. Dr. arch. Ivan Shumkov returned from New York to incorporate his knowledge and skills into modern, tidy and green cities of the future.
The Story of Bozhidar and Boyan
See Bulgaria through the eyes of two young entrepreneurs. Driven by their passion for cycling, Bozhidar and Boyan created a special locking mechanism for bicycles, which has no analogue in the whole world.
The story of Maria and Vincent
Bulgarian-French story about a chocolate factory located in Plovdiv and giving courage that the good ideas can be successfully implemented here in Bulgaria.
The Story of Nikol Ilieva
See Bulgaria through the eyes of Nikol Ilieva, who has worked in high positions for some of the most interesting car brands in the world, but decided to return to her homeland.
The Story of Boyan Georgiev
See Bulgaria through the eyes of Boyan Georgiev, who left a successful business in Vegas after many years spent in the USA, to come back home and grow micro-plants here.
The Story of Boris Kolev
Boris Kolev started his first company at the age of 18. Since then, he has started over 15 social companies and brands, which is why he is known as a social entrepreneur and his personality is recognized all over the world.
Bulgaria Wants You - Take a new direction
Are you happy with your life so far? Only you know the answer. This year, more than ever, you have a chance to take a new direction.
The Story of Radostin Stefanov
Radostin is a young engineer whose activity seems to be part of the script of a science fiction film. Find out personally from him what a bioprinter is and how to print human bone.
The Story of Sandra Aleksieva
What does success mean? Watch the story of Sandra Aleksieva - owner of one of the largest culinary websites in Bulgaria, for whom success is a lifestyle.
The Story of Viktor Ermenkov
Watch the story of Viktor Ermenkov - a programmer who develops his own business for digitalization of processes in the logistics sector.
The Story of Svetlana Savova
Watch the story of Svetlana Savova, who is part of a Bulgarian team that created and developed innovative classrooms. They started as a startup a few years ago and are now used all over the world.
The Story of Viktoriya Viktorova
Viktoriya Viktorova is a young Bulgarian entrepreneur. Her latest project is a social benefit that every employer can provide to his employees in order to prevent and help their mental health.
The Story of Svetla Lesova
For more than 20 years, Svetla Lesova has climbed the corporate ladder in some of the world's largest brands. Today, she is the owner of a company that produces natural drinks here, in Bulgaria.
The Story of Georgi Kadrev
Watch the story of Georgi Kadrev, for whom the coronavirus pandemic comes not as an obstacle, but as a motivation to invent a technological solution so that everyone can monitor his health from home by using a phone application.
The Story of Kristina Chacheva
A story about a dream, a vocation and the way back home. Dr. Chacheva chose to return to Bulgaria after 15 years of work and success in Germany.
The story of Yavor Nikolov
See the story of Yavor about the conscious choice to return to Bulgaria after 15 years abroad and the professional challenges he faces here.
The story of Todor and Melissa
What is the connection between Napa Valley and Kapana and why they choose Plovdiv over any other place in the world - see the culinary history of Todor and Melissa.
The story of Andrey Davtchev
Watch the story of a man for whom the path to success began at a prestigious university in the United States, went through Wall Street and managerial positions in commercial giants, but for now stops here - where he claims to feel happiest and most useful.
The story of Giuseppe De Francesco
A story about the journey between Italy and Bulgaria and how a Sicilian starts calling himself a citizen of Plovdiv.
The story of Evgeni Borisov
Watch Evgeni's personal story of a successful business, started in a small office and with only two people, but developed and won its place on the map among international companies.
The story of Keith Kelly
Get acquainted with the emotional story of Keith Kelly - an Irishman or as he calls himself "adopted Englishman", who teaches English to children in the city under the hills.
The Story of Mariyana Filipova
Mariyana Filipova, PhD, easily rejects an extremely attractive offer to teach abroad. She made her dream come true here, in Bulgaria, by creating her own innovative educational system.
The Story of Yasen, Elena and Iskren
Yasen, Elena and Iskren met on an entrepreneurial program in the United States, but were determined to apply what they had learned in their homeland. Today, they rejoice in a successful company and their product conquers European markets.
The Story of Ivan Georgiev
See the success story of the entrepreneur Ivan Georgiev, according to whom "a person always develops better when he is at home".
The Story of Colorado Stark
The story of Colorado Stark and his successful business started in a basement in Queens. Today he calls Bulgaria his business partner, and Plovdiv becomes his home.
The story of Genoveva Christova-Murray
Watch the curious story of a girl who went on her way from the Vladislavovo quarter of Varna and reached the prestigious cover of Forbes.
The story of Kristian and Valentina
Why life in Akandzhievo brings more happiness than life in New York and how a photo model becomes a role model.
The story of Georgi Strezov
Georgi Strezov managed to attract the attention of the world music film market without leaving his homeland. He composes, orchestrates and records music for some of the biggest productions in Bulgaria and around the world from his studio in Sofia.
The story of our national coach Vessela Dimitrova
Vessela Dimitrova is not only the coach of our national team in rhythmic gymnastics. She is a coach of nobility,patriotism and discipline of the spirit. And she wants to succeed here, in Bulgaria.
The story of Kaloyan Georgiev
How far can you go if your first fee is ... a pig. Kaloyan Georgiev is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in projects related to healthcare, health insurance and Fintech. He trusts himself "to strange levels" and always manages to win. Even when he fails.
The story of Svilen and Konstantin from Dronamix
The sky is the limit - the story of Kossio and Svilen
The story of Darin Madjarov from Ucha.se
How an insult can show you that you are on the right path, see in the story of the founder of the online platform with video lessons Ucha.se Darin Madjarov
The story of Vladimir Davchev
The co-founder of Bulgaria Wants You Vladimir Davtchev never uses the word "problem". In his vocabulary, the word is "challenge."
The Story of Raycho Raychev
What connects an entirely Bulgarian company in common projects with the European Space Agency, NASA and SpaceX, find out personally from its founder Raycho Raychev.


Plovdiv (technological destination)
Plovdiv in the second largest IT and outsourcing center in Bulgaria. This is the fastest growing share of the local economy. The city offers a well-developed environment for startups and opportunities for the development of RND centers.
Burgas is the most important cultural, economic, transport, management, tourist and educational center in Southeast Bulgaria.
Plovdiv (expats)
For 2019, Plovdiv has 7 500 new citizens. The city is home to 18 000 expats and 3 300 foreign students. This video will introduce you to some of them.
Plovdiv (education)
Plovdiv is a developed academic center with 9 universities and 34 000 students. It is the only Bulgarian city in the global network of UNESCO learning cities and is a leader in the digitalization of the learning process.
Plovdiv (investment destination)
Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria inhabited by over 535 000 citizens. It is one of the oldest living cities in Europe, dating back to 4000 years B.C.
Plovdiv (tourism)
Take a walk along the Main Street of Plovdiv – the longest pedestrian zone in Europe with its length of 1750 meters, and enjoy the archaeology of the Roman Stadium and the Antique Forum.
Varna is the largest city in North Bulgaria, as it is situated along the shores of the Black Sea and the Varna Lake. According to data by the National Statistical Institute, as at the end 2019 the urban population was 336 216 people, thus placing it third in Bulgaria following Sofia and Plovdiv.
Stara Zagora
Stara Zagora is one of the most dynamically developing cities in Bulgaria. See what living conditions the municipality offers.


През годините VIVACOM се утвърди и като социално-отговорна компания, инвестираща в развитието на обществото и бъдещите поколения. VIVACOM е сред най-големите работодатели в България.
IKEA Order Center in Plovdiv Plaza Mall
In the IKEA Order Center Plovdiv you can order items from the full range available in the IKEA online store, which can be delivered free of charge to the Order Center in Plovdiv Plaza Mall.
Bosch Engineering Center Sofia
In Bosch Engineering Center Sofia are developed innovative technologies for the automotive industry in areas such as driving assistance, automated driving, AI and electric mobility.
Plovdiv Plaza Mall - With attention for the ladies
The guests of Plovdiv Plaza Mall always receive special attention, but the ladies take a very special place in the heart of the mall.
Bulgaria Wants You - Postbank
If you choose to join the team of Postbank, you will be part of a company with a successful 30-year history and you will join a team of innovators and like-minded people who create the future together!
Sutherland Bulgaria
Opened in 2008 in Sofia, Sutherland Bulgaria is a multi-lingual customer service hub and has since grown to more than 2700 employees in six different locations, three in Sofia, one in Burgas, one in Varna, one in Plovdiv.
Mr.Bricolage - 20 years of home and garden care in Bulgaria.
Cargill Bulgaria
Cargill has been operating in Bulgaria since 2006 and has more than 1250 employees across three locations.
SPA Hotel Persenk
SPA Hotel Persenk and Thermal Aquapark Persenk are located in an extremely quiet and beautiful region, which offers people in the town both work and the desired tranquility for them and their families.
BILLA, Training center Varna
Because Billa gives everyone a chance and we are a school for experts!
The company is located near Plovdiv on the road to Asenovgrad on a plot of 25,200 sq.m. and the built-up production area is 6,200 sq.m.
Plovdiv Plaza Mall
The retail center plans to open its administrative section and turn part of the building into a business park, which will stimulate foreign investors to create new jobs and expand their activities.
KREMIO EAD is a preferred partner in the production of products under private labels for the domestic and foreign markets.
BILLA Bulgaria
The company is located near Plovdiv on the road to Asenovgrad on a plot of 25,200 sq.m. and the built-up production area is 6,200 sq.m.
BILLA Bulgaria, Норберт Мисбрандт
Billa is one of the first international retail chain who enter on the market.
Kaufland България
The retail chain works daily for customer satisfaction, offering its customers a huge variety of quality and fresh products at reasonable prices, as well as convenient and easy shopping.
Eurohold Bulgaria
Eurohold is one of the leading public companies in Bulgaria, with its shares traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.
Jupiter 05 Ltd.
The activity of "Jupiter 05" Ltd. is extremely responsible and is directly related to the priority area for the country - prevention of road accidents and ensuring a high level of passive road safety.
Sutherland Bulgaria, Dimitar Galabov
Sutherland Bulgaria believes that its employees are one of the most important factors for success and the company constantly encourages them to develop and improve.
Cteam is a leading regional HR company in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Moldova. It offers a full package of HR services including selection, staff leasing and temporary employment, training, salary research and preparation of an individual personal profile.
Cargotec (Nasdaq Helsinki: CGCBV) is a world leader in providing intelligent cargo handling services and solutions.
EVN Bulgaria
EVN Bulgaria is part of the Austrian EVN Group. Main business fields of the EVN companies in Bulgaria include production, distribution and supply of electricity, production and supply of district heating, trade with energy and carbon emissions.
Assarel-Medet is a preferred employer and a factor for the development and well-being of the region where the company operates.

Employee Experience

Vivacom, Lyubomir Dimitrov
After 2 years in Japan, Lyubomir finds in his work at Vivacom realization and a balance between personal and professional life.
Vivacom, Daniela Mileva
For 8 years Daniela has been part of the Vivacom team, where she feels happiest and most satisfied.
CEZ Group, Nikolay Gavazki
CEZ Group is one of the largest investors and employers in the country. Nikolay Gavazki is part of the team of 3,300 professionals in the company.
Bosch Engineering Center Sofia, Hristo Arsov
Bosch Engineering Center Sofia, Petya Spasova
CEZ Group, Antoaneta Kalenderova
In CEZ Bulgaria Antoaneta Kalenderova finds a good partner with similar values, with whom she has been growing together for 18 years.
BILLA Bulgaria, Joro Dimitrov
For Joro Dimitrov, BIlla Bulgaria is a partner that allows him to realize his dreams and do what he likes.
Sutherland, Damyan Chanev
What is needed for a project to be successful and what are the three qualities for working in the team, of which Damyan is an important part, learned from him personally.
BILLA, Beata Ufnal-Hambardzhieva
Entering the store for the first time I have never imagined that I would reach holding this position.
Sutherland, Stefan Kozovski
What distinguishes Sutherland Bulgaria from many other companies is not only the honesty of the employer to the employee but also many social benefits.
BILLA, Daniela Zhelezcheva
Founded in 1927, BILLA employs over 360,000 people and operates 15,700 stores in 22 European countries.
Plovdiv Plaza Mall, Alexandrina Yaneva
For me Bulgaria is my support and the driving force, and also the point and the place in the world where I can develop and to which I can contribute the most with my efforts and qualities.
Kaufland Bulgaria , Kristina Koseva
Kaufland Bulgaria is a leader in the modern trade sector with an annual turnover of nearly BGN 1.6 billion.
Kaufland Bulgaria, Viktor Merdjanov
Today, Kaufland ranks as one of Europe's leading retail companies with nearly 1,300 hypermarkets and around 132,000 employees in eight European countries, preparing to enter the Australian market.
Sutherland Bulgaria, Nitu Patak
Opened in 2008 in Sofia, Sutherland Bulgaria is a multi-lingual customer service hub and has since grown to more than 2700 employees in six different locations, three in Sofia, one in Burgas, one in Varna, one in Plovdiv.
Eurohold Bulgaria (employees)
Eurohold Bulgaria AD serves more than 3 million customers and has over 3800 employees.
Sutherland Bulgaria, Lily Yordanova
For me, Bulgaria is a place where you can pursue success and you can have an extremely comfortable way of life surrounded by your beloved ones without having to catch three hour flights to see them.
EVN, Stefan Totalov
EVN Bulgaria is part of the Austrian EVN Group. Main business fields of the EVN companies in Bulgaria include production, distribution and supply of electricity, production and supply of district heating, trade with energy and carbon emissions.
EVN, Stefka Aleksieva
On the territory of Bulgaria EVN develops activities in the areas of distribution and sale of electricity, heat supply for the city of Plovdiv, energy and carbon emissions trade in the country and Southeast Europe, as well as project development in the field of renewable sources.
Cargotec, Plamena Dencheva
Cargotec's business lines - Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor are pioneers in their fields.
BILLA, Borislav Georgiev
BILLA is part of the REWE Group, a leading company in the field of trade and tourism in Germany and Europe.
Cargotec, Femke
Cargotec (Nasdaq Helsinki: CGCBV) enables smarter cargo flow for a better everyday with its leading cargo handling solutions and services. Cargotec's business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor are pioneers in their fields.


Video CV Tsvetan Svilenski
Watch the video CV of the first winner - Tsvetan Svilenski.
Bulgaria Wants You - Кариера и живот в България
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"Life and career - why in Bulgaria?"
The event will take place in Sofia Event Center, and there we will meet you with some of the most inspiring Bulgarians who will share their success stories and give valuable advice on how to realize yourself and be happy in your homeland.
RE: TURN - a series of events on the East Coast in the United States (2019)
The events in the USA of RE: TURN are organized by the Bulgarian Venture Capital Association (BVCA). Learn more about the initiative at https://return.bg/
RE: TURN - a series of events on the West Coast in the United States (2019)
The events in the USA of RE: TURN are organized by the Bulgarian Venture Capital Association (BVCA). Learn more about the initiative at https://return.bg/