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Media Group Brand Media Bulgaria EOOD is the publisher of the business website ECONOMIC.BG, the national information portal KMETA.BG and the free newspaper KMETA.BG.

     The web portal Economic.bg presents the latest economic, business, financial, market and political news from Bulgaria and the world. The site receives over 1,500,000 unique visits per month, and its Facebook followers exceed 240,000 people. The audience of Economic.bg consists of managers, specialists and independent entrepreneurs. The largest share belongs to the Bulgarian readers, who comprise over 90% of the total audience. They are followed by visitors from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, USA, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Austria and others.

     Economic.bg offers its readers daily interviews and comments from leading economists, financiers and business representatives. The economic portal not only informs what happens but also what the effect of the current events is on the economic, social and political life in Bulgaria and around the world.

     The national information web site KMETA.BG and its newspaper companion KMETA.BG are the only media (online and print) that present in detail the work of all 266 municipalities in Bulgaria. The focus of the information is on the following topics:

• Investments in cities - transport, education, health, sports, green systems
• Attractive conditions for business
• Development of recreation areas and creation of industrial zones
• Development of attractive tourist products and preservation of cultural and historical heritage
• Presentation of local businesses.

     KMETA.BG readers are regularly informed about the most important things that happen in Bulgaria and around the world. The Facebook page of KMETA.BG has over 107,000 followers. The media also maintains 30 regional Facebook pages, called "My city is…", which have over 230,000 followers.

     The KMETA.BG newspaper is a monthly full-color edition with a circulation of 150,000 copies. It is distributed free of charge in all municipal administrations and is accessible both to the employees of the local town halls and to the people who visit them.