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STARA PLANINA HOLD Plc www.sphold.com is a public holding company, comprising manufacturing companies in the field of mechanical engineering, electrochemistry, perfumery and cosmetics, textile industry and finance. The main companies in the Group M + S Hydraulic Plc, Hydraulic Elements and Systems Plc, Elhim-Iskra Plc and Bulgarian Rose Plc are also public companies whose shares are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, and in the recent years some of them, together with holding company, are steadily part of the leading indices SOFIX, BGBX40 and BGTR30.

The leading companies in the Group of STARA PLANINA HOLD Plc have increased their sales more than nine times since their acquisition. The dividend distributed by our companies for 25 years is BGN 190 million. Every year we invest in technological renewal, innovations and infrastructure improvements. We report a steady growth in labor productivity, motivation and remunerations of over 2.5 thousand people employed in the companies.

We are united by the purpose of achieving a European and world level of quality, productivity and profitability of our activities, thus maintaining our main markets in over 100 countries and expanding our presence to new ones.

We believe that Bulgarian industry can take the challenges of accelerated development, imposed by global economy by focusing on people's knowledge, innovations generated by them and investments that make them happen.