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Office 1A, 43D Serdikijski sabor str. Sofia

Radioactive International Recruitment

Founded in 2016 and established in Bulgaria, RIR specializes in Staffing and Recruitment for IT professionals and Executives in Eastern Europe, the UK, EU, UAE can offer consultation and career guidance. Also providing solutions such Employer of Record (EoR), Outsourcing, Salary Benchmarking and Market Mapping. Throughout the years, the agency has come a long way witnessing the dynamics and evolution of local & global workforce and demand. Constantly obtaining knowledge, expertise and genuine know-how RIR facilitates business growth and career development till this day.

RIR's mission is to recruit the right team members for businesses mainly in the Software Development sector and the Fintech industry, adding value by optimizing resources and saving time for their partners. In the meantime, the agency helps people identify their next career pathway by evaluating employment prospects carefully and advising candidates on the best route based on both their interest and talents.

Creating success stories isn't easy, but being prepared and motivated is what defines RIR from the rest.

On the company's website https://rir.bg/jobs/ you will find open positions for IT developers, engineers, managers, administrative positions, analysts, marketing specialists and more. Interesting and promising opportunities for a new career pursuit and development, accompanied by professional advice, good practices and insights to current trends within the particular field.

With RIR you can count on quick feedback regarding your application and professional guidelines for the chosen career path. Our experts will be happy to advise and assist you regarding your professional development with additional services such as preparation for an upcoming interview, advice and useful tips to improve your resume and performance.

If you are looking for a development or change in your career, see all our open positions and contact us for more information.

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