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18 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd., Office 701, Sofia
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GemSeek is the only Bulgarian company that offers a unique blend of advanced analytical models and tech products for the customer experience industry. The customer experience philosophy is simple – make your customers happy at every touchpoint and they will spend more time with you, recommend you and stick with you. As simple as it might sound, understanding what customers want and addressing the areas where they might be unhappy, is a complex process. And that’s what makes working in customer experience an adventure every day.
We offer our customers a tailored solution depending on their needs from initial research to understand their customers’ behaviours and needs, to automated text analytics to understand these attitudes in more depth, to advanced statistical models to predict customer satisfaction and measure the impact of company actions on it. We believe that every company needs to address its customers' needs proactively and we pride ourselves in having created some of the most innovative solutions around predictive customer experience in the world.
Our team of nearly 200 colleagues is passionate about delivering insights that make a difference for our clients. We cover a whole range of business activities- commercial, market research, big data analytics, technology and support, professional services and more.
Learning is ingrained in our DNA. Each GemSeeker is coached through a personalised learning and career development path based on their strengths and goals. At least 20% of employees are promoted or take a position in a different team at the company within their first year. 4 out of 5 members of the management team have grown within the company.
In addition to learning, our culture is based on being human, open and proactive at work. We're an innovative and forward-thinking company and we believe the workplace should be hybrid, flexible and promote employee productivity and a sense of belonging.