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Christopher Columbus blvd. 43 Eurohold Business Centre
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EuroHold is one of the leading public companies in Bulgaria, with its shares traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The company's portfolio includes subsidiaries operating in four complementary businesses – financial services, leasing, insurance and car sales. These complementary activities allow constant increasing of the market share of the companies in the holding structure, optimization of expenses and enhancing of competitiveness, all of which lead to increased profitability.

EuroHold’s mission is to maintain a solid financial position and provide adequate return to its shareholders; to support the rational growth of its subsidiaries; to stimulate innovation and greater customer satisfaction; to ensure a sustainable and reliable basis for continuous improvement of the synergies among its subsidiaries; to maintain a trustworthy relationship with its constituents – client, employees and shareholders.

The main objectives of the company are: to satisfy its customers needs, to expand the markets on which it operates and to increase the market share of each of its subsidiaries; to increase sales volumes and preserve the positive public image of the company. Achieving these goals will lead to increased revenues and higher profitability.