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emerchantpay is a leading global payment service provider for online, in-app and in-store payments. Our global payments solution is available through a simple integration, offering a wealth of features, including global acquiring, alternative payment methods, fraud and risk management and performance optimisation. We work with businesses of all sizes, across various industries, to create bespoke solutions and strategies that help them increase their payment systems' efficiency and profitability. With cutting-edge technology and a unique customer-centric approach, we empower businesses to design seamless and engaging payment experiences for their consumers.

Our vision is to lead the charge of payment innovation. We’re on a mission to create a global payment ecosystem that connects businesses and consumers everywhere through seamless payment solutions across touchpoints.

emerchantpay was founded in 2002. Today, we employ over 300 people worldwide and have 17 global regional and representative offices in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Malta, Cyprus, India, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Kenya, Mauritius, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the US. Working with us means you'll not only be forging a new career path, but you'll be a part of a dynamic and innovative industry.