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41, Rojen Blvd. ,Sofia
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Elprom Heavy Industries JSC is a world-renowned leader in the development and production of power transformers and tap changers. The company has produced more than 2,250 power transformers, as well as more than 65,000 tap changers distributed worldwide.

We focus on people!  By creating appropriate opportunities for the development of all employees and providing training programmes to build the necessary professional and management skills, Elprom’s goal is to enable its employees to realise their full potential.

Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our customers by offering engineering solutions and high-quality products, to collaborate with our customers in order to successfully adapt to an ever-changing world.

The plant was founded in 1949 in the town of Sofia under the name Vasil Kolarov. In 1997, Korean giant Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. privatized the Bulgarian company, and its name was changed to Hyundai Elprom Trafo JSC. A few years later, the company became recognizable in the market as Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria. In early 2020, Hyundai's manufacturing factory in Sofia became a member of BEZ International Group, known as one of the main manufacturers in the field of Transformers in Central Europe.

As of 01.08.2021 the Company officially changed its name to Elprom Heavy Industries AD.

The company's new name reflects Elprom's rich history and more than 70 years of energy experience. Our goal is to be the preferred brand in the energy sector. We think the technical requirements will increase, so we organize research and development and invest in the best equipment.

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