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Dundee Precious Metals in Bulgaria

We Grow and Thrive Together. We are the reason for young people to stay.

Dundee Precious Metals is an international mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, mining and processing of precious metals. 

In Bulgaria the company develops the underground copper-gold mine Chelopech - the only mine in the world with 100% reliable wi-fi coverage at 600 m below ground - and the open-pit mine Ada tepe located in Krumovgrad - the first greenfield mine in Bulgaria in the last four decades.

We developed and mine the most modern mines in the country. The metals we mine support the green transformation and digitalisation. Investing in knowledge and skills we  upgrade professional qualifications and create an environment enhancing innovations in the industry. With care to the health and safety of people and the sustainability of the regions where we operate, we create future for Bulgaria. 

Dundee Precious Metals is an organisation of motivated and positive people who work in the Bulgarian mining industry – an important national economy sector that drives our well-being.