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5 Nikola Tesla Str., BSR II, Sofia
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dm drogerie markt belongs to the largest drugstore chains in Central and Eastern Europe. dm opened its first store in Bulgaria in January 2009 in Vidin. To date on the territory of the country the company has 102 working stores in 37 cities. dm's range of goods covers over 16 000 drugstore goods such as an extremely large number of beauty products, perfumery, household goods, pet food, baby products and much more. The diverse range is complemented by 30 dm own brands, the most popular among them are: Balea, babylove, alverde, Dontodent, Denkmit, Profissimo and dmBio. dm puts the person at the center of their activity – as a customer, employee or partner. 

For the past financial year 01.10.2021 – 30.09.2022 dm Bulgaria reported a turnover of nearly BGN 215 million BG Leva, representing double-digit growth of nearly 23% compared to the previous reporting period. This ensures the company's leadership position in the drug trade sector in Bulgaria according to the turnover indicator.  

An important focus in company activity in recent years is the green change and support for the sustainable development of the assortment. As a result, the company first proposed in Bulgaria in 2021, 14 products with a neutral impact not only on the climate, but also on the environment, united in the new Pro Climate line. 

Our employer slogan “Live your work differently”. It means that we don’t simply sell toothpaste and lipstick, we are a work community with a distinct work experience. We see and appreciate the purpose of our workday, we have an interesting job, our employer shows us how important we are. We are in the right place to develop ourselves in the ways we want and where we could be true to ourselves. 


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