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Business Centre Labirint, fl. 4, bul. D-r Petar Dertliev 25, Sofia
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CXG is a fast-growing EU-based BPO provider. Back in 2009 we set out to find the sweet spot between outsourcing and a standard business model. We believe we bring the best of both worlds and help our clients optimize costs and streamline their process.

Our team grew from a mere 25 to more than 150 people over five years. The diversity of what we do and the career opportunities we offer have appealed to young and ambitious individuals from all walks of life, different countries and educational backgrounds:

* Over 100 multi-lingual employees and native speakers from 10 countries;

* 13 highly qualified teams covering US, Latin America & Europe in 21 languages;

* Staff with degrees in fields varying from Economics and Finance, Business Administration, Law, IT, Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine, Sociology, Psychology.

CXG is looking for talented, highly motivated team players with a passion for customer service. The positions within our projects are related to using two (sometimes more) foreign languages, having technical or IT experience and interests in finance or marketing.