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BRITANICA is an educational centre that has been inspiring children and adults through English for 22 years now. With tailored care for the preferences and convenience of present-day’s man, currently BRITANICA proudly offers its language courses throughout the country and beyond its borders. This is only possible through the implementation of the two equally effective forms of education - Online & In Person in 16 branches spread around the country, these being located in - Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. BRITANICA's field of work also includes the Authorised Examination Centre of Cambridge English Language Assessment and the Department for Counseling and Assistance for those who dream of applying to a foreign university.

Over 300 professionals form the young and energetic BRITANICA team and have united around the belief that quality education is the right step towards a fulfilling and happy life. Precisely this belief is the core of the sustainable and iron-willed motivation for continuous improvement of the teaching methods being implemented and their transformation into innovative for our country programmes.

The enhanced knowledge and skills development process is also deeply embedded in the career development of the BRITANICA team. Its members enjoy support and quality training programmes, which generate future prospects and satisfaction from achieved professional and personal development. Full communication within the community is another contribution. 

Driving forces for the team - for every small step, made with a smile and desire, are the aspiration for and contribution to:

  • Quality provision of knowledge and skills daily and for life;
  • Self-improvement;
  • Building a community that provides mutual support, an environment for cultivating optimism and a sense of overall personal well-being;

If in what you have learnt about BRITANICA, you have found a piece of yourself and your personal and professional inspiration — consider the possibilities for realisation at BRITANICA!