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bul. Bratya Bukston 68, Sofia, Bulgaria


Balkantel Ltd. is a project oriented engineering company, established in 1990 and specialized in the field of:

  • Design, development and manufacturing of innovative products and technologies
  • Systems for management and control of the air navigation, applicable in the civil and military aviation
  • Specialized military communication and navigation systems
  • Railway signaling systems
  • Safety and security systems for the railways, air-forces, civil aviation, energy sector
  • Development and implementation of own specialized software for video control, surveillance and security
  • Automation and control systems, precision measuring equipment
  • Telecommunication systems for the civil purposes.

The company has established itself as a major supplier, system integrator and contractor of “turn-key” projects implementing a lot of significant telecom infrastructure projects of national importance. Balkantel Ltd. has been awarded long-term maintenance contracts ensuring the life-time operation of the equipment and systems.

Balkantel Ltd. has a professional team of more than 130 highly qualified engineers and specialists working in the field of radio and telecommunications, information technology, electronics and measuring equipment. The company owes many of the achieved results to the professionalism and enthusiasm of its employees. A basic principle in our organization is the building of effective and responsible teams capable of meeting the needs and expectations of a wide range of customers.

We have excellent recommendations due to our high professionalism, reliability, efficiency and the high quality of performance and service to our customers.

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