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Industrialna zona 1, 4300 Karlovo
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BULGARIAN ROSE Plc, Karlovo was founded in 1948 and to the present moment has preserved the centuries-old traditions in processing of pink damask rose, collected and processed under the care of diligent specialists to turn into golden drops of rose oil and rose water. These resources are the basis for our production of high-quality cosmetic products. For more than 73 years we have been weaving traditions and the latest trends into successful harmony so that we can meet the needs of our demanding customers on a daily basis.

Bulgarian Rose Plc is a certified producer of BULGARIAN ROSE OIL with a protected geographical indication for guaranteed quality, produced in our distillery and specially selected in our laboratory.

In response to modern needs, we develop new, innovative formulas. We add new products to the familiar ones, where we combine our traditional rose oil and rose water with a variety of natural elixirs and modern active ingredients. Our assortment list includes a wide range of cosmetic, perfumery and aromatherapy products, providing comfort and relaxation.

The success of the company depends on our ability to accurately define and meet the requirements of our customers. Our desire to win and maintain their trust is based on the approved strategy for:

 - Transforming the needs and expectations of our customers into requirements for the developed and manufactured products;

-  Modernization and increasing the competitiveness of the company;

- Strengthening and expanding our market positions by implementing a consistent marketing and advertising strategy;

- Motivation of our employees, trainings and qualification, improving working conditions so that everyone is aware of the importance and contribution to the success of the company.

BULGARIAN ROSE Plc has developed and applies a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22716: 2007 (GMP), and has implemented an ERP system. These principles and practices are a guarantee of excellent quality products that are known and sought after and are exported to over 50 countries around the world.