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14B Industrialen Quarter, Stara Zagora
Responsible employer

Ate Plast OOD is a leading manufacturer of flexible polyethylene foils and packaging materials for the industry. We are a 100% family-owned company oriented towards innovations and leading trends and solutions in the packaging industry. The company is constantly investing in new, more economical technological lines, as well as in expanding the base and storage spaces, which allows greater flexibility and shorter delivery times. Ate Plast OOD has more than 200 employees and continuous production. We have more than 25 years of experience and work with over 2000 foreign and Bulgarian customers.

Our wide production range allows us to offer foils and packaging materials for the food and beverage, construction, furniture, hygiene and sanitation industry. We have a monolayer and multilayer blown film extrusion lines, a wide range of confectioning machines, up to 8 colors flexo-printing machines and a laminating machine. Our team of experts are willing to offer a solution for the packaging of a wide range of products. The good production planning and the large capacity allow us flexibility and dynamics of supply to our clients and partners. One of the advantages of our company is that we produce our own polyethylene, therefore we are aware of the suitable machines, their perfect speed and the film characteristics depending on the film’s purpose. This leads to efficiency improvement and allows us to increase the productivity of our customers. We invested in the implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. From 2011 we also yearly cover the requirements of BRC Packaging - Global Standard for Food Safety. As a responsible company, Ate Plast organizes series of initiatives, part of them include planting a mini forest, cleaning different regions and much more.

Within the next 3 years the investment in a new plant for printed and laminated films will allow the creation of another 35 new job positions for the Stara Zagora region.