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67А Simeonovsko shose Blvd., Sofia
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Lev Ins is the largest insurer in Bulgaria. Founded in the distant 1996 by Bulgarian investors and foreign experts with extensive experience in the field of security, today the company continues to expand dynamically. For several years now, Lev Ins has been setting the trends in cyber insurance products as well. By studying and applying the best world practices and taking into account the specifics of the Bulgarian market, Lev Ins offers its numerous clients traditional and non-standard insurance protection.

The company is true to its philosophy of active corporate security, and on the other hand, relies on bold innovative approaches. Lev Ins' competitive advantage is in acting ahead of events.

Since the beginning of 2018, in order to prevent and protect its customers, Lev Ins has entered foreign European markets and introduced emergency phone hotlines for the respective countries.

Our local representatives are highly qualified and cooperate with our clients from the moment of occurrence of an insurance event until the indemnity payment. From them you can get both legal advice and complex administrative assistance with local institutions.

With over 120 offices in the country and abroad, the company is an employer of over 800 employees. The model in which every employee is part of the company's movement towards its goals is fundamental for Lev Ins. That is why the motivation of employees is a top priority.

Everyone who starts working with us goes through comprehensive training to get familiar with our activities and our development strategy while in return receives valuable knowledge and limitless opportunities. We encourage our employees to constantly enrich their knowledge and experience. Besides, we highly value innovation and original thinking.

Last but not least, Lev Ins is a socially responsible company that sponsors organizations such as the Bulgarian National Karate Federation, the Bulgarian Red Cross and many other charitable causes.