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Plovdiv Plaza Mall is the biggest and most innovative shopping center in South Bulgaria. Renewed and open for visitors since November 2018, it has more than 35 000 sq m retail area.
Plovdiv Plaza impresses with its architecture and design. Because Plovdiv deserves the best! The shopping center welcomes you with its amazing LED screen, unique not only for Bulgaria, but for the entire South-east Europe with its 16 meters height and area of 175 square meters, which shows specially created 3D productions and animations that could capture your attention for hours.
Distributed on the 3 levels, you can find a variety of modern shops of leading international and Bulgarian brands, places for dining and attractions for children and adults, as well as for the whole family. The pleasant atmosphere in the dining places is supplemented by large terraces. For the extreme experiences’ lovers, there is a dethatched area with bungee trampolines and walls for climbing for both, children and adults. There are cafes and patisseries, where the visitors can relax after the shopping or just chat with friends. Have 5 elevators as well as escalators on each level, make the connection between the different levels of the shopping center extremely convenient. The exact location of each point of sale in the mall can be quickly and easily found with the help of the interactive map. The interior spaces of the shopping center are designed to be in light and warm colors that create space and comfort.
The shopping center has been designed in compliance with the most modern requirements for an accessible environment for mothers with children and people with disabilities. A wide and welcoming entrance facilitates the access.
The commercial part is supplemented by modern and functional office spaces. There is a convenient internal communication between both buildings, which at the same time provides their separate functioning.
This makes us an attractive place for advertising. The leading world brands and unique attractions, located in the mall, provide a daily flow of people of different age groups, with different status and interests.
The shopping center plans to open its office part and turn part of the building into a business park, which will stimulate foreign investors to create new jobs and expand their activities.
The offices are “open space” type, as each floor has 3 server premises and 3 separate toilets, which provides a freedom at the functional distribution. It has been planned that the business center will function for 24 hours. For the convenience of the shopping mall visitors and the people working in the business center, there are 3 parking floors above the ground with 1,200 parking spaces provided.