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Blvd. Vitosha 89B, Building A, floor 17, 1408 Sofia
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ABB has over 2,500 employees in Bulgaria and operates with headquarters in Sofia and four branches of the company in the country. Two of the production units are located in Rakovski and produce low and medium voltage electrical components. Two other plants are located in Petrich - for low voltage products, and in Plovdiv there is a production base for measurement equipment. ABB also has a service center for turbochargers in Varna.

ABB offers a wide range of low and medium voltage products, charging stations, UPS, controllers, frequency drives, electric motors, robots, automation and process control products. ABB Bulgaria successfully participates in electrification projects in various market segments such as industry, buildings, electricity distribution network and infrastructure, as well as in specific projects related to automation of processes and building functions. ABB is a leader in the production of AC and DC charging stations, with an established over 85% market share in Bulgaria for fast DC charging stations. ABB offers a growing range of products with digital communication capability, a prerequisite for building smart and connected electrical networks. The ABB AbilityTM digital platform brings together ABB's full portfolio of digital solutions in one place, consolidating ABB's position as a leader in digital transformation.

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