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Interop io
Aleksandar Malinov Boulevard 31, Sofia

What is interop.io's story of origin/ founding story?


interop.io was formed in June 2023 through the merger of Finsemble and Glue42/Tick42 to create a global powerhouse driving application interoperability in capital markets and beyond. Leveraging FDC3 and workflow automation, the platform allows clients to create Straight Through Workflows and benefit from unparalleled levels of business agility, a more productive workforce, and better operational control. 

The firm employs over 120 people, including 80 full-time R&D and implementation engineers located in New York, Charlottesville, London, and Sofia. For more information, visit interop.io.

The expertise and dedication of our international team of talented developers have been the driving force behind our success. 

Why does the company exist? What is its purpose?

In 2022, both Finsemble and Glue42 had record-breaking years in terms of revenue growth, client success, and product development. Both companies drove FDC3 adoption and delivered the additional functionality, scalability, and support infrastructure that is required to make interop a practical reality. After an initial period of due diligence, both firms realized that their businesses were very well aligned and shared a similar vision for the industry. Market feedback showed that clients would be best served by combining Glue42’s comprehensive UX and data integration zero-install technology, library of prebuilt adapters, and real-time behaviour analytics together with Finsemble’s leading-edge focus on user experience and no-code smart desktop designers. A merger, therefore, allows them to build a unified platform that can accelerate innovation and that rapidly scales to meet the growing demands of their mutual clients.

How is interop.io changing /impacting the world? What are its main assets and superpowers?

Our greatest strength lies in our exceptional people and their ability to understand end users. We are committed to enhancing the daily lives of our global clients by providing software that empowers them to streamline their workflows, leading to improved efficiency and collaboration.

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