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Aleksandar Malinov Boulevard 31, Sofia
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What is Tick 42's story of origin/ founding story?


We have over 20 years' experience delivering financial technology solutions that transform how businesses work and provide critical functionality at a user level.

We deliver solutions that work harmoniously and unobtrusively to allow users to do their job. We deliver solutions that work and carry on working to provide the stability that you need to run your business. We deliver solutions that your technologists want to deploy.

We are some of Europe's most talented developers led by a management team with many years of delivering desktop solutions to some of the largest financial institutions in the world

Why does the company exist? What is its purpose?

Initially, we wanted to attract the most driven developers to craft software that's solving difficult problems, take pride of their work, and are paid really well. 12+ years later the only thing that's different is that we realized it's not technical problems we've been solving but improving people's lives at work.

How is Tick42 changing /impacting the world? What are its main assets and superpowers? 

Our main asset is our brilliant people, and our superpower is empathy for the end users of anything we build. We care very deeply about the problems we're solving for our clients and always take a holistic view of these problems. Naturally, this gave birth to our platform Glue42, which radically simplifies the life of 30,000+ business professionals in some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Our people know that the apps we build to run on our platform will be used by real human beings, and for many years, and so they do their best to understand extremely well what problems they are trying to solve, and what is the greatest experience we can deliver to them.

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