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89B, Vitosha blvd., Sofia
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Established in 1992 through the merger of 22 Bulgarian regional commercial banks, United Bulgarian Bank is the first and largest consolidation project in the Bulgarian banking sector. In 2017, the Belgium group KBC Group acquired UBB from the National Bank of Greece. After the merger between CIBANK and UBB, the new merged bank UBB became the third largest bank in Bulgaria in terms of assets of around EUR 5.1 billion, with a market share of approximately 11%. Together, UBB, its subsidiaries and DZI are becoming the largest bank-protected group in Bulgaria, one of the main markets for KBC Group.

Our mission is to maintain high standards of service and to continue to develop our successful business. Satisfaction of all customers and partners is our top priority. We treat them with respect and strive to justify their trust by meeting their needs and supporting them in the implementation of their projects. We do not stop developing and improving our service. We do everything professionally and with attention to detail.

As part of KBC Group, UBB shares the philosophy of developing customer orientation, which allows us to be close to our customers, to know, understand and respond to their needs. To improve trust and build long-term relationships with our customers, we rely on a professional team of loyal, motivated and committed employees. Guided by the understanding that only socially responsible business can be successful, we strictly adhere to regulatory requirements and maintain partnerships with all stakeholders. We believe that business has a key role in the prosperity of society and we strive to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of our country.