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str.Donka Ushlinova 2, Malinova dolina, Sofia
Responsible employer

Milestone Systems was founded in 1998 in Denmark. Today we are among the leaders in the development of video management software and IP-based video surveillance. We are represented in 25 countries. Our second largest development center is located in Sofia. All Milestone Systems we nourish a freedom-loving Scandinavian spirit and a culture of openness that encourages the birth of innovation.

Our main goal is to be part of every video installation in the world, thus helping businesses and organizations to protect their people and assets, as well as to optimize and develop their business processes. To achieve this, we are constantly improving and developing our open-source video technology platform.

Why choose us?

Your work is meaningful. The software we produce gives meaning to everything the camera can see. It provides security in shopping malls, hospitals, universities, the subway, airports, public buildings, corporations and city streets around the world. We help large and small businesses, from car parks to parliaments, from the neighborhood store to international transport hubs. With the help of our software and our community of technical partners, we deliver solutions that focus on problems, and new opportunities for security and a better life.

You will rely on supportive leaders. We believe that people grow and develop in a supportive environment, with leaders who inspire them and roles that make it possible to give their best. An environment in which everyone's opinion is important and heard, built on trust without being afraid to make mistakes.

You will keep evolving. You build an individual development plan as a specialist and a person. You will receive support from your manager and investment in you by the company.


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