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24 A Akad. Metodi Popov str., 4th fl, Sofia
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About the company:
Businessmap Ltd. is a fast-growing company behind one of the most recognized electronic Kanban systems in the world - Kanbanize. Our product has been a huge success around the world and constantly attracts a large number of users from different industries to join our family every month. We are here to make a change in the way people manage their work.

Kanbanize (Businessmap Ltd.) is Kanban's leading platform for effective project management and execution. It helps managers gain visibility for all projects, links planning to implementation and ensures continuous optimization of team work processes. The company's second product, Flow-e, is a Kanban email visualization. Works with Outlook and Gmail clients and aims to increase productivity on an individual level. Integrates mail and calendar, and has functions for delegating tasks for teamwork.

What we believe in:
We believe that we are on this planet to help people do meaningful work and by that accelerate innovation.

More information:
The product was originally released for free use in 2011, when the company was founded. Later, however, when the software solution manages to attract tens of thousands of users with different profiles from around the world, it naturally grows into a commercial product, around which the whole company is built. It is currently developing extremely dynamically not only in Europe and the United State, but also all over the world. Equipped with the most advanced feature set in the industry and an unsurpassed support team, Kanbanize is a trusted supplier to more than 1,000 companies and 150+ partners worldwide.

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