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37A, Prof. Fridtjof Nansen str., 7th floor, Sofia
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Industrial holding Bulgaria www.bulgariaholding.com is a public company that manages an investment portfolio of companies in various industries.
Most of them are of great social significance for the regions in which they are located.
The IHB Group operates in the following sectors:
     Ship building and ship repair: Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry, Varna www.bulyard.com, IHB Shipdesign, Varna www.ihbshipdesign.com and Bulgarian Ship Register, Varna www.bkrclass.org
     Machine building: ZMM Bulgaria Holding, София www.zmmbulgaria.com and its subsidiaries ZMM Sliven, ZMM Nova Zagora and IHB Metal Castings, Sofia
     Port operations: KRZ Port Burgas www.krzport-bourgas.com, Odessos PBM, Varna www.portodesos.com and Bulport Logistics, Varna www.bplogistics.bg
     Maritime transport: IHB Shipping Co, Varna www.ihbshipping.com, managing the 4th ships of IHB fleet for the carriage of bulk cargo.

We strive to achieve the best results in the areas in which we work, providing ongoing assistance to our subsidiaries. Thanks to their development we provide stable values for our shareholders. Thus, IHB maintains the image of a solid and reliable company. We stimulate our employees to constantly improve their individual skills and knowledge, their team work and to develop a good corporate culture.

Human capital is the most valuable asset and is a key competitive advantage.
The Group employs more than 1050 people.

We provide opportunities for a career development of the teem, both within the subsidiaries themselves and in the structure of IHB.

We support young learners, and in most of the companies there are practices for awarding scholarships to pupils and students, as well as providing traineeships in the companies for pupils, students and doctoral students.

Integrity, honesty, belief are principles we share and value.