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9700 Shumen, 38 Antim I str.
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Herti was founded in 1993 as a start-up company by three young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria with the main idea of producing aluminum screw caps for spirits to supply the distilleries in the country with high quality products and ensure them the best service. The production started with one machine producing 2 sizes of screw caps and only 10 workers. Nowadays Herti is a public company producing more than one billion screw caps in 40 different sizes and has subsidiaries in the UK, France, Germany, United States and Romania selling its products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Herti is a trusted partner for brand protection. The driving force of the Company is the development of innovative and green ideas corresponding to the company slogan “Your brand tomorrow is our business today”. Herti is a member of the international non-governmental organizations SEDEX and EcoVadis, which provide information on the ethical relationship in the supply chain and evaluate the performance of companies in the field of compliance with labor legislation, health and safety working conditions, environmental protection and business ethics. More than 500 people work in the company - 43% of them are women and almost 40% of all employees are under 40 years old. Herti supports the idea for the responsible business and firmly believes that following the responsible and ethical practices in the supply chain, maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, decent remuneration, protecting the environment and participation in public and social projects will help us to build a better company that carefully manages the social impact of its business activities and works for the prosperity of society in general.