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KidsVille was created with the idea of being more than a kindergarten. This is a place where, besides having fun and learning, your child can develop. Our goal is to provide an environment that meets the child's academic, social and emotional needs and thus makes their first steps away from home carefree and happy. 
Here, the safety of your child is guaranteed. We have 24-hour security and we constantly monitor the learning process via external and internal video surveillance. 

KidsVille is located at the entrance of Vitosha Nature Park. The location is famous for its exceptional air quality and beautiful scenery. 
The interior design makes exclusive use of natural materials to create cosiness and warmth. The rooms are spacious and bright with views of the nature park. Children have access to designated learning and sleeping rooms, sports, music and arts rooms, a canteen, outdoor playgrounds. The kindergarten also has an in-house doctor's office.