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Southern Industrial Zone, Varna 9000
Responsible employer

Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry Varna www.bulyard.com is with main activity ship repair and reconstruction of vessels up to 100 000 DWT, ship conversion and manufacturing of metal structures. The company manages the assets of the former Varna Shipyard and is part of the Group of Industrial Holding Bulgaria.
Together with IHB Shipdesign, Varna www.ihbshipdesign.com is part of the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair segment of IHB.

Annually Bulyard performs repairs and retrofit of over 60 vessels of various types - cargo ships, tankers, gas carriers, drilling ships, platform maintenance ships.
The company's policy is focused on creating and providing quality products and services, earning the trust of its customers.
Our goals are to expand the business with new projects, especially in the field of metal structures, construction of hulls for specialized vessels, such as those for platform maintenance and others, and to expand the range of services and systems offered, related to the many new environmental requirements for ships.

The health and the safety of our employees are one of our most important targets and responsibilities.We have established safe operating procedures that meet all legal requirements and industry-wide best operating practices.
The main priority of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry is to keep qualified and competent personnel and to provide these personnel with opportunities for development and career.

The company supports young learners providing in partnership with Varna Maritime High School and The Technical University - Varna an opportunity for pupils and students to conduct their internships in the factory. Also each year awards a money prize to a graduate with excellent grades, graduating from the Naval Academy "N. J. Vaptsarov".