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ул. Тутракан 100, обл. Русе, гр. Русе 7000
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BULMARKET GROUP was established in 1996, in the city of Ruse and at the moment it includes more than 20 subsidiary companies operating in various business fields. The main activity of a part of the companies is related to the trade and distribution of light fuels as well as ensure of different types of transport and logistics. As for the rest of companies, they operate in the field of trade and production of biodiesel, vegetable oils and pharmaceutical glycerin.

The main driving forces of BULMARKET GROUP are the entrepreneurships and the spirit of innovation. The Group owns the largest private port on the Danube River, it receives in 2005 the first private railway license in Bulgaria and over the years, it invests and acquires rail curriers in Romania and Serbia. In 2022, one of the Group’s company Astra Bioplant Ltd. was ranked 3rd in the country in terms of revenues from production and sales of biodiesel, defending its position as a leader in the production and trade of alternative fuels throughout Europe.

One of the latest investment projects of the BULMARKET GROUP is the former Locomotive and Wagon plant in Ruse city in which is planned to be invested 38 million leva aiming to turn it into a modern and high–tech park for the repair and maintenance of locomotives and little further in time, the GROUP's intentions are to build a wagon workshop for the repair and production of wagons.

Taking into account the financial group results as well as the number of its employees – more than 1400, the BULMARKET GROUP is currently one of the biggest investors and employers in Ruse municipality offering excellent working conditions and salaries in the region. Our employees are our greatest assets and we strive to develop them on a daily basis by providing upskilling trainings but at the same time, we try to ensure them a balance between daily work and personal life offering various benefits and sport activities aiming to make them feel satisfied, motivated and long-term committed.

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