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Why Bulgaria?
You know it’s going to be difficult, but you also know that it will worth the effort.
Financially and much more – emotionally. Here you are at home!
Now you are just one click away from the first step of changing your life.
Bulgaria has future. And this future depends on you!
New opportunities for the business and you.
Career and life in Bulgaria!

You know all the problems in Bulgaria and you know it can be difficult. But it is a fact that the unemployment rate is well below the EU average.

And that we are second in terms of the most favorable conditions for starting your own business. We have the longest maternity leave and the lowest taxes. And last but not least - life is much cheaper. But you will see for yourself by trying our Calculator.

Thank you for visiting our Platform. Because you are important to us!

We have combined the efforts of our business and local government to help you find your reason to return or stay at home. Bulgaria has a future and this future depends on you. We will not know until you stay, but you'll be sorry if you don't try.

Because Bulgaria is safer than you think.Because Bulgaria is developing. And it makes sense to raise your children here. Bulgaria wants you!

Find a reason to come back or stay! Here you will find all the help needed!

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