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Ligna Group

Ligna Group offers a full cycle of activities and services for a successful and timely implemented project: Design and concept development; Project management; Production and quality control; Logistics and warehousing; Installation and management.

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Ucha.se is an Educational Site №1 of Bulgaria with school lessons in an interesting and understandable language. Ucha.se has over 16,000 video lessons and tests in all general education subjects from 1st to 12th grade, as well as those in foreign languages, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and many others.

Melon JSC image

Melon JSC

Melon JSC is a software outsourcing company. They have offices in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Skopje. In 2020 they were named the best Bulgarian software company by the leading international B2B platform Clutch.

RE:TURN image


RE:TURN bridges the Bulgarian entrepreneurial community's rising stars, successful investors and the nonprofit sector, with the Bulgarian diaspora.

eDesign image


eDesign is a progressive digital agency that offers a full range of web-based services and solutions.

MEmotion image


MEmotion is a boutique creative and strategic marketing and brand agency for online and integrated marketing services.

Moving turtles image

Moving turtles

Moving turtles offer relocation services designed to meet your unique needs.

bTV Media Group image

bTV Media Group

bTV Media Group is the leading source of information with the highest trust and preferred place for positive entertainment on the Bulgarian market.

IDEA Comm image


IDEA Comm owns the biggest network of outdoor advertising facilities in Bulgaria covering 20 cities across the country and the Republican road network. All facilities are installed on key locations, with heavy traffic.



ManagerNews is the news website of Manager magazine, which operatively and impartially presents the news from the management of companies, marketing, business, the country, Europe and the world.

Sportal Media Group image

Sportal Media Group

Sportal Media Group is among the largest internet media group on the Bulgarian market. 10 years after the founding of Sportal.bg, the company operates 40 web sites and over 45 pages in social media channels.



Up-to-date, accurate and impartial information. Topnovini.bg – What is important to you!

KMETA.bg image


The portal of Bulgarian municipalities www.kmeta.bg is the first and only national media dedicated to local governance, which presents in detail the work of all 265 municipalities in Bulgaria.

Business club image

Business club

The voice of small and medium business - analyzes, comments and interviews on the problems and prospects of small and medium business in our country.

Metroreklama image


Metroreklama – an out-of-home media agency, that has no analogue in the Bulgarian media sector.

DNA - Movement for National Cause image

DNA - Movement for National Cause

DNA is actively working to implement ideas, projects and campaigns on two main topics that affect the demographic crisis in Bulgaria - low birth rates and high emigration, which according to the UN make us the fastest melting nation in the world.

Colibra image


Colibra is one of the newest fast-growing "fintech" (financial-technological) companies in Bulgaria, specializing in the field of aircraft compensation for delayed or canceled flights.

Leader Talks image

Leader Talks

Leader Talks builds a community of leaders who are the drivers of positive change in Bulgaria and who enriches our ecosystem by creating new businesses, sharing experiences and presenting the right role models and good examples.

Able Activator image

Able Activator

ABLE Activator provides unique and intensive experiential training in entrepreneurship for 30 students and young professionals under 35 y.o.

growRemotes image


GrowRemotes inspires people to taste the combination of remote work and transformational experiences - a different emotion that will bring your business to the next level.

Tuk-Tam image


Tuk-Tam seeks to build the largest network of Bulgarians in the world, which allows users and members to be connected to each other and to Bulgaria from any part of the world.

Career show image

Career show

Bulgaria's career exhibition for qualified staff and top talents. 200+ top employers, 5000+ qualified staff, 40+ accompanying activities.

What if image

What if

What if is a new generation digital agency, driven by passion for innovation and advanced technology.

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