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Work in Bulgaria

BULGARIA WANTS YOU is a project aimed at Bulgarians here, Bulgarian emigrants abroad and traditional communities.

The goal is to attract Bulgarian citizens living and working abroad, as well as to keep Bulgarians in the country on the local labor market by publishing vacant job positions in leading Bulgarian companies.

5 Steps to Find Job in Bulgaria


Browse the offers for vacant job positions in Bulgaria


Create your account in the platform to receive information about new opportunities


Apply for a job position in the city where you want to live


Follow us in social networks for up-to-date information and new job offers


Figures are important when you take decision about your future. Calculate, compare and decide.

BULGARIA WANTS YOU will commit that each of our partner companies shall be truly engaged in social benefits for their employees.

Bulgarian business realizes that it must make certain gestures and the platform will stimulate it to take this step.

For each announced vacant job position, the companies will publish certain services to the users of the platform and benefits that they could provide to their future employees.