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Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora municipality is located in Southern central part of Bulgaria. It is one of the main economic centers in our country, as well as a major transport hub of Southern Bulgaria. The city is the sixth largest in Bulgaria with a population of 134,726 people according to the National Statistic Institute data from the end of 2019 and forms the fifth largest urban agglomeration in Bulgaria.

Stara Zagora region is dynamically developing and according to a number of indicators it ranks on one of the leading positions in the country. The conditions on the labor market are extremely favorable. The volume of manufactured production is high and gives the district one of the leading places in the country. The infrastructure is well developed and creates favorable conditions for the development of industry in the region.
The majour employer in Stara Zagora is the Maritza Iztok industrial and energy complex. Large companies dealing with equipment for petrol stations, LPG stations and methane stations are Efir Stara Zagora and Izot Service. In Stara Zagora is situated the largest brewery in Bulgaria - "Zagorka", which is part of the Heineken group. The reqion is also the headquarters of the wine producer Domain Menada.
The GDP per capita for the reqion in 2018, is BGN 17,273.

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Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

Find a job

Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

In Stara Zagora operate 3 pre-primary, 11 primary and 6 secondary schools, 2 specialized and 8 vocational high schools, 1 music school and 1 sports school.

The electronic system for admission of children to kindergartens has been successfully implemented since May 2013, providing quick and easy access to the information needed by parents and guarantees objectivity and transparency of the process.
There are another 27 kindergartens and 10 nurseries in the city, and the fee for kindergarten is BGN 40.00.
Many of the schools and kindergartens in Stara Zagora were renovated in 2018 by successfully introducing energy efficiency measures.
Presently, in the western part of the city is the Thracian University. Its structure includes the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Pedagogy and the Faculty of Agriculture.

In Stara Zagora are located Complex Oncology Center, Center for Mental Health, Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Pneumonia and Tuberculosis Diseases, University Multi-disciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment "Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich”, as well as several medical and dental centers.

Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev Park is part of the mountainous ridge of Sarnena Gora, and the Ayazmoto area is one of the highest points of Stara Zagora, revealing a beautiful scenary of the entire city.
October 5th Park or also known as the City Garden is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in the city of Stara Zagora. Geo Milev Drama Theater and the Opera are located next to the park.
The Bedechka River flows through Bedechka Park. The local landmark a 500-year-old plane tree can be found in the park, as well as the artificial Zagorka lake.
There are many other beautiful parks in the city, such as: the Aleksander Stamboliyski Park, the Trakiya Park, the Alana Park, the Artillery Park and the Green Wedge Park.
In addition to taking care of the parks in the city, the municipality has taken care of 75 multi-family buildings, which have been renovated with funding from the National Energy Efficiency Program. For many of them, the municipality provided funding for the improvement of the inter-building spaces and the construction of playgrounds for children, places for recreation and parking lots.

The city is located at 209 km by asphalt road and at 250 km by a rail road from the city of Sofia. Stara Zagora has an excellent transport infrastructure. The total length of motor vehicles roads is 907 km. 92 km of motorways pass through the territory of the region. The length of the first class roads is 167 km, and 261 km of railway lines.
The transport infrastructure is well developed. The main road arteries are in very good condition. In the last four years, part of the municipal /IV-class/ road network has been rehabilitated.
Public transport in Stara Zagora is also very well developed. On the website of the municipality you can view the schedules of buses and trolleybuses. In addition, you have information on arrival times, notifications of repairs and detailed routes.
The price of a monthly subscription card for all lines is BGN 50.00.

Stara Zagora has well developed sports facilities, where the Municipality has been investing consistently over the years and thus contributing to attracting young people to active sport activity, as well as to achieve significant success and win collective and individual prizes in various sports. The fastest athletics track in Bulgaria has been built at Beroe Stadium, where prestigious European and national tournaments are held. The equipment of the sports halls has been renovated, outdoor fitness grounds and specialized sports grounds have been built. In 2020, the Municipality of Stara Zagora expects funding for the construction of a Multifunctional Sports Hall in the Artillery Park, which will have a capacity of about 4,000 seats for visitors and in addition to sports competitions it will be adapted for musical, cultural and other public events.

The Regional History Museum in Stara Zagora is among the oldest museum institutions in Bulgaria and among the largest within Europe. It houses over 120,000 exhibits. The first exhibition was opened in 1907. In September 2007, the museum moved to a new building, which is the newest museum building in the country.
Geo Milev Drama Theater is one of the oldest and most prestigious theater institutions in Bulgaria and a symbol of the cultural life of Stara Zagora. The theater is named after the famous artist Geo Milev, who lived and worked in the city for many years.
The Museum of Religions in Stara Zagora is a curious place where you have the opprtunity to see a former mosque built on the foundations of a Christian church, both of them built over a pagan Thracian sanctuary, under which remains have been found from the early Iron Age 10th century BC.
Shipka-Buzludzha National Park-Museum is located on the territory of the city.

The ticket local drama theater,or the cinema ticket start from BGN 6.00 to BGN 20.00

More about the rich cultural life of the municipality, which includes many festivals in different areas, you can find here.