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Svoboda 65A blvd., Plovdiv



Senior PHP Engineer

Job description

As a Senior PHP Engineer on you will dig into the complex but rewarding world of
Sports betting and Online gaming, real-time calculation, odds services, CRM and
reporting, all at massive scale.

You will participate in design and decision taking of technical solution implementation,
Troubleshoot, analyze, provide workarounds and resolve various software problems,
mentor and train new team members.

Requirements for the position

• Advanced architecture understanding both on a theoretical level and on applied level
• Knowledge of software engineering best practices that minimize tech debt
• Working experience with real time solutions that involve Sockets, Queues, distributed
data streams and APIs.
• Knowledge of the entire web stack and how each piece impacts performance and
• Advanced knowledge of at least one programming language, and of OOP patterns
• Database design (Relational and NoSQL)
• Commitment to quality, performance, and efficiency
• Experience in taking ownership
• Design and business insight
• Commitment to quality, performance, continuous improvement and efficiency
• Experience in taking ownership
• Design and business insight
• Excellent abilities for cross-team collaboration and communication

• Design patterns
• Phalcon and Symfony
• VanillaJS

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