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Our research shows that a good job is not always a good reason to live in a certain region and move your whole life there.

Enter the city in which you live, wherever you are around the world or in our country and the city in which you want to move to Bulgaria. Answer a few short questions and optionally enter your monthly basic expense amount at the moment. Our calculator will determine the amount these costs will be equal in each regional city in our country, compared to the main indicators of living standards.

* The final result in the monthly bill corresponds to the indicated data for one person.
* Data is being updated.

What city do you live in now?
In which city in Bulgaria do you prefer to live? *
Do you have children (under 18) with whom you live together? *
What kind of transport do you usually use to get to work? *
How often do you have fun outside? *
How often do you eat out? *
What type of housing do you plan to live in Bulgaria? *
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