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PHP Developer

Описание на длъжността

Delasport is an internationally known software company, specializing in the development, support
and maintenance of online sports betting turnkey solutions. A leader in the production of
revolutionary betting platforms, in 2011 the company opened its first branch in Bulgaria. 10 years
later there are over 200 people engaged in the company’s projects who according to their
competencies are situated in Israel, Plovdiv and Sofia- Bulgaria.

Изисквания за длъжността

We are looking for a PHP Developer who is going to be an important part of the development team
and his tasks will be focused on advanced product features and core system development.

• Driving the software development of our platform with innovative high quality code
• Writing code that is maintainable, testable and clean, building applications and services that will
scale effectively and communicate through API.

• 3+ year experience in web application development.
• Deep knowledge in PHP programming.
• Excellent understanding of MVC.
• Very good experience in JavaScript OOP and AJAX.
• Exhaustive knowledge of database design and implementation.
• Good experience in HTML, CSS and native JS.

• Experience In web application security.
• Experience in fine performance tune up.
• Experience in Memcached, Backbone JS, Less, Node JS.

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