Varna is the largest city in North Bulgaria, as it is situated along the shores of the Black Sea and the Varna Lake. According to data by the National Statistical Institute, as at the end 2019 the urban population was 336 216 people, thus placing it third in Bulgaria following Sofia and Plovdiv.

The city location along the North Black Sea shore, as well as its rich natural resources, make it one of the most famous resort centers and and the largest one in the Black Sea region, as well as an importance economic center of the country.
Varna is situated at a distance of 130 km to the north-east of Burgas, at a distance of 195 km to the south-east of Ruse, at a distance of 388 km to the north-east of Plovdiv, and at a distance of 445 km to the east of Sofia.

The rich cultural and historical heritage and traditions provide great opportunities for respite and entertainment, for development of cultural, sea, vacation, wellness, balneo, medical and SPA tourism, which is of significant importance for the well-developed economy of the city.

Varna holds the second place after Burgas as a tourist destination of Bulgaria. The regional economy is presented well at a national level, as small- and medium-sized enterprises here operate mostly in the field of services.
The 2018 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the region was BGN 15 479.

The Sea Garden /Primorski Park/ is one of the symbols of the city of Varna. It has some of the most beautiful and cool alleys along the entire urban seashore.
The University Botanical Gargen is the first Eco Park in Bulgaria, which combines in harmony both natural and artificial eco systems. 
Varna has two more big parks - “Asparuhovo” Park, "Zlatni Pyasatsi” Nature Park.
Varna Zoo is situated in the very heart of the Sea Gargen, just next to he Dolphinarium Varna and the Museum of Natural Sciences.


    Varna is a major health center of Eastern Bulgaria. The city has built healthcare facilities in all medical fields, as medical personnel is trained here for the academic degrees of Bachelor, Master, and Doctor at 2 medical colleges – “Prof. Paraskev Stoyanov” Medical University and the Medical College.

    The emergency aid service of Varna serves the Bulgarian North Black Sea, as well as Northeastern Bulgaria. The city has two 2 Hospitals for Obstetrics and Gynecology, one of the two Bulgarian Specialized Clinics for Burn and Poisoning Treatment (the other one is situated in “Pirogov” Institute in Sofia), which is a part of the Military Sea Hospital and is also specialized as a NATO hospital.

    Some of the largest healthcare facilities also include “Sveta Marina”, the Therapeutic Block for Multiprofile Treatment, the First Surgery Clinic – Clinic of Abdominal, Pediatric, Daily, and Minimally Invasive Surgery at UMBAL “Sveta Marina”, “Sveta Anna” also known as the District Hospital, with a diagnostic block and emergency medical aid, several polyclinics, a psychodispensary, an Eye Clinic, an Ear-Nose-Throat Clinic, a Dispensary for treatment of patients with skin and venereal diseases, and other health institutions.

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