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The town of Pleven is situated in the central part of Mizia and at almost equal distance from the Danube River and Stara Planina, having good ground connections to Sofia, Lovech, Gabrovo, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Nikopol, Svishtov, Ruse, and Varna. As at December 2019 the town had a population of 95 086 citizens.

Pleven is the seventh largest town in Bulgaria and an administrative center of the Municipality of Pleven and the Region of Pleven of the same name, as well as one of the significant cultural, educational, economic and transport centers in the country.
Pleven is an agricultural, industrial and trade center with diversified economy, which includes large manufacturing enterprises in the field of heavy industry and small- and medium-sized enterprises in the light industry. The largest share of enterprises is in the field of trade with and repair and technical servicing of automobiles and motorcycles, of personal belongings and household belongings. The second largest number of economic subjects is for the processing industry, but the enterprises in this field provide a significantly larger quantity of workplaces.
The 2018 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the region was BGN 8 795.

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Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

Find a job

Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

The town has 4 elementary, 7 primary and 20 secondary schools, among which the High School of Mathematics, a Profiled High School for Foreign Languages, a National School of Arts, and a Sports School.
The institutions of higher education in the Municipality of Pleven are of national importance and ones of great authority. These are the Medical University and the Higher Military-Air Force School "Georgi Benkovski" in the town of Dolna Mitropoliya, which is in the immediate proximity of the town.
The children of Pleven visit 23 kindergartens and 7 creches. The kindergarten fee in the town for Groups I and II amounts to BGN 47 per month, and for Groups III and IV – BGN 2.60 per day of food allowance.


The health institutions in the town render high-quality healthcare and professionalism of specialists. The most important of time are the University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Stranski", the Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment at the Military Medical Academy, MBAL "AVIS-Medica", MBAL "Sveti Pantaleymon", UMBAL "Sveti Marina", and UMBAL "Sartse & Mozak".


"Kaylaka" Park is situated to the south of the downtown and has been proclaimed a protected locality because of its rich variety of protected animal and plant species. The Park offers a magnificent combination of possibilities for a walk, recreation and entertainment, such as artificial lakes and dam lakes, boats and water bikes, swimming pools, hotels, entertainment institutions, children playgrounds, tennis courts, a zoo and a restaurant entirely build inside a cave. Here is also the Summer Theatre of Pleven, as well as the Museum of Wine.
Skobelev Park was established in 1904 by the Committee "Tsar Osvoboditel Aleksandar II" in the memory of the Russian heroes who lost their lives in the fights for Pleven in August1877. It is one of the town symbols.
In the recent years the town garden has been having an entirely new vision and is a preferred place for recreation, sports and art by the town citizens and guests and that is not only for its central location. The new green and space decisions and the physical renovation of the central downtown of Pleven ensure improved qualities of life and a new social environment.

The north of Pleven is crossed by the international first-class road Е-83 Sofia – Ruse - Bucharest, and A-2 "Hemus" Highway from Sofia to Varna has been designed to pass at a distance of 15 km to the south of the town. Pleven is an important station of the international railway line Sofia – Bucharest – Kiev - Moscow, as well as a main internal railway direction along the railway line Sofia - Varna. The three main entrance-exit arteries of the town - from and to Sofia, Ruse and Lovech, represent small highway segments, but are also used pretty much for transportation of local importance, including of construction materials.
The urban transport of Pleven is almost 100 % trolley bus. The municipal company "Trolleybusen Transport" maintains all 17 lines of the electrical transport, as Pleven has one of the very first trolley networks in Bulgaria. There are plans for the purchase of 14 new electric busses intended to improve the connections between the separate town quarters. Thus Pleven shall strengthen its place of being the first and only town in the country that has entirely eco-friendly mass urban public transport of zero harmful emissions.
The one-month subscription card for all trolleybus lines for citizens amounts to BGN 53.

Pleven is one of the Bulgairan towns, which has been the start of the star carrier of world champions in gymnastics, high jump, football, and chess. Many prizes have been also awarded to the Pleven competitors in karate, track-and-field athletics, wrestling, weightlifting, volleyball, and table tennis.
A part of the activity of the operating sports clubs takes place in "Spartak" Sports Complex and at "Balkanstroy" Hall.

"Pleven Epopeya1877" Panorama is the only monument of its kind in Southwestern Europe. It was built on the occasion of the 100-year anniversary since the Liberation of Pleven. The monument is raised by itself on the battlefield, in Skobelev Park Museum in the south-west suburbs of the town.
The regional historical museum originates from an Archaeological company established in 1903 in the town. It is situated in a double-storey building built in 1888 for the needs of the army, and the main fund of the Museum includes over 180 000 museum units.
In 1982 it was precisely in the center of Pleven where a water complex was built on an area of 10 dka, consisting of three water cascades, water mirrors and a fountain known today as Vodna Kaskada. The facility is a poured water area of over 1500 sq.m. with more than 10 waterfalls, 763 spray lances, 47 lighting fixtures, and 250 floodlights. The combination of water, light and sound is especially striking at night. The cascade operates from April until October.

You may also visit the antique settlement of Storgoziya dating back to a road station in the Roman Empire, situated in the center of the modern town of Pleven, and probably created in the place of an older Thracian settlement.

You may find information about the entrance fee, as well as about the working time of the sites here.

There are also plenty of diverse cultural events and festivals organized in Pleven, and you may find information about those here.

All art galleries in Pleven have free entrance.
The entrance fee for the museums varies from BGN 2 to BGN 6.

The ticket to a theatrical performance varies from BGN 5 to BGN 15.
The cinema ticket varies from BGN 7 to BGN 14.