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Montana is located in Northwestern Bulgaria, at about 30 km east of the border with Serbia, in the valley between Ogosta Dam and Pastrina Hill. The city is an important corridor between Northwestern Bulgaria and Sofia through the Petrohan Pass and the Vitinya Pass. Its population as of December 2019 is 38,341 inhabitants.

More than 2,000 enterprises are registered in the municipality of Montana. The industry characteristics are dominated by mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and food industry. Companies in the field of trade and services have a share of over 50%. The companies operating in the area of hotel and restaurant business and industry have shares of over 10%.
The GDP per capita in 2018 is BGN 9,033.

Find a job

Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

Find a job

Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

There are 1 pre-primary, 3 primary and 10 secondary schools in the town, including a specialized high school of natural sciences and mathematics and a specialized high school with foreign language teaching.
There are 12 kindergartens and 4 crèches in the town of Montana.
The kindergarten fee in the town is BGN 40 per month.

In the town of Montana function several healthcare facilities – Multi-disciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment „Dr. Stamen Iliev“ АD, medical center, Center for Dental Medicine, Multi-disciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment „City Clinic St. Georgi“ ЕООD, as well as many private doctors and dental offices.
In Montana operate veterinary clinic called „Pet Vet 2000“, as well as a veterinary office "Dr. Dakov".

Montanesium City Park is located in the city center and offers entertainment for all ages. There are several restaurants situated around the artificial lake. There is a children’s playground and an outdoor gym ground. The renovated Ogosta Park is also very attractive.
The City Garden is the oldest park in Montana, located in the very heart of the town.
You can also visit the Sunny Garden Park and the Blue Lakes Complex.

The town is located 114 km north of Sofia and 102 km southeast of Vidin. Montana is located on E79 road (Vidin - Vratsa - Sofia - Kulata) and on the main road 81 (Lom - Sofia).
It is connected with the larger cities in Bulgaria and the surrounding villages by bus transport. There are regular buses in the following directions: Sofia, Pleven, Lom, Oryahovo, Berkovitsa, Belogradchik, Varshets, Kopilovtsi, Ignatovo and Giurgich.
The town is connected to the country by railway transport. It is an intermediate station of Boychinovtsi - Berkovitsa railway branch.
There is public transport, which consists of buses that serve 3 bus lines.

The town has football team, women's basketball team, men's volleyball team, there are clubs for wrestling, karate-do, judo, martial arts, kickboxing, athletics, skydiving, etc.
Ogosta sport complex is located in the town of Montana, including a stadium and a large sports hall, as well as a number of other sports facilities, such as Mladost sport hall, wrestling and judo gyms, two outdoor and one indoor pool. There are also neighborhood sports fields for basketball and football, as well as a chess field in the City Garden.


We recommend that you visit the Historical Museum, Mihaylov’s House Ethnographic Museum, the Lapidarium, which is an open-air archaeological exhibition, and the fortress of Castra ad Montanezium, located in the northwestern part of the town. Today it is freely accessible and has been partially restored. Kiril Petrov Art Gallery has one of the richest collections outside the capital.

The entrance fee for visiting the galleries and museums is symbolic - BGN 1 for adults and BGN 0.50 for students. Children of up to the age of 7 may visit museum sites free of charge. With a combined ticket of BGN 2 you can visit the three museums - the main exhibition, the art gallery and Mihaylov’s House. ….

THE TICKET FOR DRAMA PERFORMANCE varies from 7 to 20 BGN / THE TICKET FOR CINEMA varies from 7 to 15 BGN ….

Places to visit in Montana region

Lopushna Monastery "St. John the Forerunner" is located at the foot of the Stara Planina, near the village of Georgi Damyanovo, 21 km from Montana. It can be reached relatively easily by car driving on the road from Montana to the town of Chiprovtsi.
Ogosta Dam is the fourth largest by area surface and the second largest by water volume artificial reservoir in the country. The reservoir is designated as suitable for industrial fishing and has a great variety of fish. Presently, the water from the dam is almost not used for irrigation purposes, but mostly for the production of electricity in the two hydroelectric power plants – Kosharnik HPP and Ogosta HPP. On its shore is situated Augusta sports and entartainment complex.
Kom Peak is a peak which is located in the western part of Stara Planina, south of the town of Berkovitsa. The most impressive view is north of the peak - you can see the town of Berkovitsa, Berkovitsa field and 30 km away Montana and Ogosta dam. Kom Peak is the starting point of Kom - Emine route - the Bulgarian section of the European E-3tourist route.