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Lovech is located along the riverbanks of Osam River at the foot of the Balkan Foreland, 170 km to the east from Sofia. The connection with Southern Bulgaria is through Troyan Pass, Shipka Pass and the Republika Pass. The natural richness of the region is exceptional, since that’s where is the passage between the mountain and the Danube Plain. The city’s population as of December 2019 is 31 695 people.

Lovech is one of the country’s industrial centers. The business is mainly focused on the manufacture of leather and leather apparel, food, wine and tobacco industry, production of manual electrical devices, tools and equipment, bicycles, engine-and-battery-driven lifts’ systems, cast-iron works and furniture. The traditional production of grain crops, meat, milk and vegetables is also well developed.
The GDP per capita in 2018 for the region is BGN is 9 653.

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Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

Find a job

Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

There are 4 primary and 9 secondary education schools, among which the professional secondary school of veterinary medicine, the language secondary school and the school of mathematics and natural studies. A Municipal Children’s Complex is also functioning well.
Education could also be pursued in the College to Gabrovo Technical University.
There are also 8 kindergartens and 3 nurseries in Lovech.
The fee for the kindergarten in the town is around BGN 44.00 per month.

In the town of Lovech operate Multi-Disciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment “Professor Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” AD. The hospital provides emergency medical care, specialized out-of-hospital care, hospitalization, public prophylactics and sanitary control. Medical teams on duty work non-stop, servicing the town and the region.

There are two large city parks in Lovech – Stratesh Park, in which eastern part the Lovech Zoo is located, and the Bash Bunar Lane, located in the town’s southern part. The Bash Bunar Lane follows the river curves along at least 2 km. It is established as a park, a place for recreation for the citizens of Lovech.

The town has a direct bus connection with the bigger cities in Bulgaria. The buses arrive and depart from Lovech Bus-station. The railway transportation is along Levski-Troyan railroad, connecting the town to Varna (Ruse) – Sofia railway. It is served by Lovech Railroad Station.
The public transportation in the town runs regularly. It is serviced by “Lovech Autotransport” EOOD and taxi companies. The public transport subscription card is offered at BGN 30.80.

The main types of sports, typical for the country, are developed and practiced in Lovech - football, volleyball, basketball.
The sports sites and facilities in Lovech, which are of important significance, are Lovech Sports Complex, many sports halls, as well as the town’s stadium – a complex consisting of a football field, stands and buildings. That’s where the local Litex Football Club plays its games, having the capacity of 8100 seats. The stadium is fully roofed, meeting any and all of UEFA requirements for matches from the Champion’s League. The stadium welcomes also matches of national teams, not only the Litex (Lovech) local Professional Football Club .

The emblematic Pokritiya Most (the “Covered Bridge”) is located right above the Osam River in the very center of the town of Lovech. It connects the town’s new part with the architectural – historic reserve “Varosha” and is the only one of its uniqueness at the Balkan Peninsula. “Varosha” encompasses the whole old part of Lovech along the right riverbank of Osam River, as more than 200 historical and architectural monuments of local and national significance are located on its territory. The monument of Vasil Levski – one of the greatest and most imposing monuments of the Apostle is here, which for more than 40 years is the town’s crest.
The access to all of them is free of charge.

Places of interest around Lovech

Devetashkata peshtera (the Devetashka Cave) is located 7 km from the town of Letnitsa and 15 km to the north-east of Lovech. It is among the cave findings with richest cultural remains from the new-stone age.
Krushunski vodopadi (Krushunski Waterfalls) are located 6 km from the town of Letnitsa, famous with its picturesque nature.
Kakrinskoto hanche is located 16 km from Lovech, in the village of Kakrina, the place of Vasil Levski’s death. The elm-tree, which was witness of Levski’s capture, is still standing strong there, and next to it there is a monument of the Apostle.