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Gabrovo is located in Central Bulgaria. The town is situated along the Yantra River and is known as the longest city in Bulgaria. With its length of about 25 kilometers and a width of only about 1 kilometer, Gabrovo stretches along the Yantra River. Gabrovo is located close to the geographical center of Bulgaria - the famous Uzana ski resort. The town is also known as the world capital of humor and satire. Its population as of December is 51,217 inhabitants.

Gabrovo is characterized by an extremely high degree of industrialization. The processing industry creates more than half of the added value in the municipality. The leading sub-sector is the machine engineering sector and tool production. The town of Gabrovo is preferred as an investment destination because of its access to engineering talent and the traditional cluster connections in mechanical engineering and power electronics. The town has the necessary ecosystem to become the birthplace of new global products with industrial applications.
The GDP per capita for the region in 2018 is BGN 13,510.


Find a job

Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

Find a job

Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

There are six pre-primary and primary schools and 6 secondary schools operating in the Gabrovo, including vocational high schools and a high school of natural sciences and mathematics. A Center for Special Educational Support has also been established.
There is one university in Gabrovo – the Technical University, where the education is carried out in three faculties with 24 departments.
In Gabrovo there are 10 kindergartens and 3 nurseries. The kindergarten fee in the town is BGN 57.4 per month.

Health care in the town is provided by a number of healthcare facilities, the most important of which are Multi-disciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment "St. Panteleimon", Multi-disciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Tota Venkova", the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Lung Diseases, two Diagnostic and Consulting Centers, and the Hospital Medical Center and two other Medical Centers. A Holistic Medicine Clinic has also been established.

The emblematic Markoteya Park has been completely modernized and reconstructed. The park has an area of 45 acres and is an attractive place for recreation.
The Garden with the Bear Park is the central park in the town. This park is in the very center of Gabrovo, close to the Drama Theater, the municipality, the House of Culture, the two libraries and the central square.

Gabrovo is connected to major cities in the country and its surroundings by bus transport. There is also a railway infrastructure connecting the surrounding villages and settlements.
The town has its own public transport carried out by buses that connect all parts of the town. A public transport ticket can be purchased for BGN 35.

Many sports are developed and practiced in Gabrovo. The town has traditions in the development of track-and-field athletics, basketball, volleyball, handball and football.
The sports facilities in the town of Gabrovo of essential importance are: Orlovets Sports Hall, Aprilov Stadium, Hristo Smirnenski Sports Ground and Hristo Botev Sports Complex.

Racho Stoyanov Drama Theater plays an important role in the cultural development of the town of Gabrovo, together with the Regional History Museum, which is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the town. Emblematic for Gabrovo is the House of Humor and Satire, which is of national and global importance.
You can also visit the National Museum of Education, which is located in one of the wings of the Aprilov High School.


Places of interests to see around the town of Gabrovo

Etar Open-Air Ethnographic Museum is an open-air museum, which is situated in the district of Gabrovo with the same name. It represents a reconstruction of the Bulgarian way of life, culture and crafts. It is the first museum of its kind in Bulgaria and is part of the 100 National Tourist Sites.
Bozhentsi Architectural and Historical Reserve in the beautiful Gabrovo village of Bozhentsi is one of the most impressive architectural reserves in Bulgaria. It is located 15 km east of the town of Gabrovo and is known for its preserved in their original form Renaissance houses and public buildings. Bozhentsi Architectural and Historical Reserve works 7 days a week.

Gabrovo organizes many and varied cultural events and festivals, about which you can find information here.