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The largest town in the Southwestern Bulgaria, which is also a regional center, Blagoevgrad is located about 100 km south of Sofia, on the road to Thessaloniki and Athens. This is almost the geographical center of the Balkans - an area where there has been a presence of civilized life since ancient times. Blagoevgrad has a population of 68,679 inhabitants according to data of National Statistical Institute as of 31 December 2019.

The town of Blagoevgrad is located near Greece and Macedonia, with modern transport links, rich in its cultural and historical places of interest, offering natural beauty and healing mineral water springs, becoming increasingly attractive for cultural and ecological tourism, for summer and winter holidays.
Blagoevgrad is the economic center of the Southwestern Bulgaria.

The economy of Blagoevgrad region is diverse and well balanced against the general background of the country. The largest contribution to the volume of manufactured output and the number of workplaces has industry sector followed by the trade and transport sectors.

The GDP per capita for the region in 2018 is BGN 9,736.

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Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

Find a job

Bulgarian business is increasingly in need of new, educated, smart and dedicated staff, outside our almost exhausted labor market.

Southwestern University is the largest educational, research and artistic center in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is accredited by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation for 75 Bachelor and Master degree programs after completion of secondary education, 118 Master degree programs after completion of higher education and 84 doctoral programs. The education is conducted in 30 professional fields in the field of humanities, technical, management, social, pedagogical, legal and economic sciences, arts, health care, public health and sports, security and defense, etc.
Southwestern University has a rich library, a great sports facilities, dormitories, well-equipped laboratories, curricula. All this makes SWU "Neofit Rilski" an attractive center for young people not only from all over Bulgaria, but also from neighboring countries.

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) was established in 1991. At present, more than 1,000 students from more than 30 countries around the world study there.
The University offers the unique opportunity to its students American and Bulgarian diplomas upon graduation. The university is accredited in the United States by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and in Bulgaria by the the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation. AUBG issues a European Diploma Supplement (Europass), which automatically makes the university diploma recognized throughout Europe. Education at AUBG is entirely conducted in English.
Here are the College of Economics and Management - Blagoevgrad and the College of Tourism.
In Blagoevgrad there are 19 kindergartens and nurseries, as well as 17 schools.
The fee for kindergarten is BGN 40.00.

There are five healthcare facilities in Blagoevgrad - Blagoevgrad Multi-disciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment, Multi-disciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment “Pulse”, Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Oncological Diseases “St. Mina”, Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Pneumonia and Phthisiology and Center for Mental Health.


The most visited park near the town is Bachinovo, which is situated in the valley of Bistritsa River. Along the 2.5 km alley there are restaurants, children’s playgrounds, Blagoevgrad Aquapark and an indoor pool. At the end of the alley is an artificial lake with a depth of 2-4 meters, which is filled with water from Bistritsa River. During weekends the part is visited by nearly 10,000 people.

People can also visit the Hunting House Park, the Skaptopara Park, the City Garden, Zaeva Polyana and the Volga Park.

There is also a zoo in the town of Blagoevgrad. The idea was born in 1959, when the first animal was brought to the city garden - an eagle, and a little later a lion was also delivered. A few years later, the zoo was already a fact and opened its doors for the first time. Presently, the zoo is home to over 300 animals. There are representatives of both Balkan and exotic species. The zoo is open 7 days a week, from morning to evening. The entrance fee for it is worth BGN 1.00.

Blagoevgrad is located on the pan-European transport corridor 4, on European road E79 and on the republican road I-1. It is 31 km away from the Northern Macedonia, 83 km from Greece and 88 km from Serbia. The distance to Sofia is 96 km, to Plovdiv - 193 km, to the Northern Macedonian capital Skopje - 183 km and to the Greek port city of Thessaloniki - 199 km. Blagoevgrad is a distribution point of the tourist flow for the nearby mountains with their centers - Bansko, Sandanski and Dobrinishte.

The public transport subscription card is BGN 32 per month.

The newly built playgrounds and sports facilities in the town are constantly maintained and increased.
Pirin Sports Complex in Elenovo district has an indoor 50-meter swimming pool, 2 tennis courts (clay field and artificial grass) and one football field.
Skaptopara Sports Hall is a multifunctional facility, which is completely renovated and refurbished. It is suitable for several sports - basketball, volleyball, aerobics, handball, etc.

Other places suitable for sports in Blagoevgrad are the Hristo Botev Stadium, the stadium in the village of Riltsi and the sports facilities at SWU “Neofit Rilski”.


The old town district called Varosha is a favorite place for walks of Blagoevgrad residents. Varosha was established as a neighborhood of the Christian population in the town at the end of the 17th century and has been preserved in its authentic form.

In Blagoevgrad we can also find the Youth Community Center, which is an established educational, cultural and information center, operating for the interests of young people from the municipality of Blagoevgrad. The institution is a municipal structure and supports the implementation of the Program for the children of the municipality of Blagoevgrad, taking care of their personal development, career guidance and performance of children from all over the region. The same building hosts the Puppet Theater of the city.

The City Art Gallery houses 24 works by the artist Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, 86 works by Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master and thousands of other works by contemporary artists, old and medieval art.

In your leisure time you can also visit the Chamber Opera of the town, the National Community Center, the Municipal Puppet Theater, the Regional Library, the Regional History Museum or the Drama Theater.


The price of a ticket for a cinema screening starts from BGN 3.00.

You can find more about the cultural life of Blagoevgrad here.