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About the example of successful Bulgarians – a story told by Genoveva Hristova

Genoveva Hristova / Геновева Христова

Genoveva Hristova is the managing owner of Ligna Group, a company that employs about 2,500 people in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. She is happy that she provides jobs for people in the small settlements in our country and thus helps more Bulgarians to stay in their home country. She believes that if all talented Bulgarians return to Bulgaria, our country will become a much better place for living and we will all be proud to be here.
Genoveva is one of the speakers at our event organized by "Bulgaria Wants You" - "Life and Career - Why in Bulgaria", which will take place on October 16 at Hall 7 of the International Fair Center in Plovdiv. She will speak on "The choice between Bulgaria and abroad", where she will tell about the path that a girl walks from Varna's Vladislavovo district to the prestigious cover of Forbes Magazine.
Among the speakers that the Plovdiv audience will hear are Andrey Davchev, the entrepreneurs Dimitar Karaivanov, Darin Madzharov, Kaloyan Georgiev, Genoveva Hristova and public speech expert and longtime TV journalist Anna Tsolova. The hosts will be Ivan and Andrey. They will share their experience and practical advice for success in Bulgaria, and the guests of the event will be able to visit the stands of our partner organizations and companies, where they will be able to receive real job offers.
We have also planned surprises for the fans of the hit reality show "The Farm", and bTV is the main media partner of the initiative.
The event is free, but due to measures against the spread of COVID-19 the seats in the hall are limited, so registration in advance is required. More information about the program and the event can be found at
You can watch the whole video on the website of our media partner here