Primary and secondary education

What do I need to know if I want to move back to Bulgaria and study here?

The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) has a special section "For Bulgarians Abroad", which contains the most important information for our compatriots who do not live here but want to return. In this section you can find information about application procedures and studying in the country.

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How can I get my education qualifications from a foreign country recognised?

The procedure for recognition of completed school studies or degrees or vocational qualifications on the basis of documents issued by a school of a foreign country is carried out by the regional education authorities of the country of residence.

МОН - Признаване на завършени етапи на обучение 

Higher Education

Is there a special platform from which I can get information about applying to Bulgarian state and higher education institutions?

The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) has prepared a special electronic platform for the application of individuals of Bulgarian nationality living abroad and citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia to Bulgarian state universities for the academic year 2023/2024.



Where can I complete my higher education in Bulgaria?

The Register of Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria will give you a comprehensive idea of the opportunities the country offers for completing higher education. You can find out about the universities and the courses they offer and contact them directly for information about your education. 



Which university is best for me?

On the website for the rating system of Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria, you can get information about each of the accredited higher education institutions in the country, about the professional fields and specialties it offers, as well as about the educational qualification degrees (Professional Bachelor, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate) in which it provides training. This way, you will have all the information you need to choose the school that is right for you.

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